Omg Bindi Waiting List!!!!!!!!

  1. OKay so I call today to order a pair of black bindi's, well they are almost out of stock and don't think they will replenish, so there is a waiting list for the last pairs, and I'm sure I'm right at the back. Anyways I go to eBay and no one is selling any!!!:crybaby::crybaby:
  2. OMG!! I am sooo sorry!! I was totally looking around for the white ones!! I can't find them anywhere...I feel your pain, group hug!!
  3. Thank you, I had a little breakdown! as well
  4. Did you check eluxury.
  5. Of course, I called and did live chat just to see if someone else would give a different answer....LOL
  6. have you called around to different stores? I have tried 866 and they said none available for a bag I was looking for. they said sold out world wide. So I instead just starting calling LV stores and I found what I was looking for. Don't give up.
  7. fyi there was a pair on elux last night!!!!! dont remember the color, but they were hott!
  8. Aw.
    Im glad I got mine already.
  9. it's not there anymore :sad:
  10. I wish I had bought the black ones when they were still available :crybaby: