Food OMG Best coffee EVERRRR!!


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Jun 8, 2008
ok, so i just got home a few minutes ago from work and theres nothing i love better than a hot coffee and a cold fall day (well actually i like french vanille hot chocolate w/ whipped creme a lil bit better) anyways there was no coffe left so i had gotten this coffee from costco when i joined b/c it was free and OMG its the best coffe ever. Its costcos own brand but its made by starbucks, and its really cheap, i think like a 2lb bag is like $9 maybe less ( i never really paid attention since it was free) but omg if your a costco member you havbe to try it its amazing!!!

just an fyi its whole beans so wither use the grinder at the front if you dont have one. i used my magic bulllet and it worked amazing!


Jul 7, 2008
Wow that's really cool to hear, I'm always on the look out for new coffee. We have a grocery store chain here called HEB and some of their brand coffee is some of the best I've ever had. I'm beginning to think that like fashion, some of the lesser known and less celebrated brands are in fact the best. :yes:


Jan 23, 2008
Oooh I just remembered - I LOVE going into The Fresh Market (when we go to the beach) because you can get those little samples of coffee while you shop! It's a perfect complement to browsing aisles.....(and their coffee rocks!)

Next time I visit my relatives I'll swing by Costco and get some of theirs!


Apr 28, 2007
I cant wait to try it, I don't drink too much coffee just a cup once in a while but DH does. We were actually at costco this weekend and he saw it and I told him to buy it and he said "nuh, I rather take some from work". I will tell him about this thread and he sure will buy it next time
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