OMG!!!! Best Birthday ever!!!

  1. Hi everyone!! I am too excited because Friday was my birthday and my SA from LV in Richmond sent me a bouquet of flowers and a card!!!!! How fab is that??? I was so shocked. I was happier about the flowers than the new red EPI Speedy I got! LOL. I will post pics soon as my hubby took me out of town for the weekend but I had to share.

    Have a fun safe weekend everyone!!!:yahoo:
  2. We have lots of family in Richmond...I love that LV store! how sweet of them!
  3. I know. I was so touched that I almost cried.

    And cool that you have family here. I like it here. Too bad we may have to move in the next 2 years!
  4. happy birthday!! so good to hear about good SAs every now and then
  5. Congrats on your red epi! That was very considerable of the SL to sent you flowers..!
    You too have a great weekend, I also have to prepare for my BF's Birthday..
  6. happy birthday!!
  7. Goodness, how lovely! Glad you had such a great day! :love:

    Oh, and pictures? Red Speedy and flowers would make a beautiful photo.. :graucho:
  8. aww soo sweet of your SA! congrats and happy birthday!!
  9. aw that's nice! Happy belated birthday.
  10. That's so sweet of your SA! Happy Birthday.
  11. that's so cute!

    can't wait to see pics
  12. Happy Birthday and congrats!
  13. soo sweet. Happy Birthday!!!!
  14. Happy Birthday.
  15. happy birthday !! :smile: