OMG! Being offered ebay item,,, concerned

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  1. Hi ya'll...

    I just got a second chance offer from an ebay seller who said that her buyer didn't pay. I'm really worried that this could be a scam with someone trying to steal my paypal or credit card account. I've contacted seller through ebay to ask if she really did email me. I can't believe the buyer didn't buy this item. I love it so much and want it and would buy it in a second, but I'm afraid to show the link on the purseforum, cause I want it to be true...

    I don't know. I guess that's why we're all here for each other, cause the online stuff is just really difficult and scary...

    I guess I'll just wait to hear back from the seller if this is really legitimate...

    yikes.... wish me LUCK!!!:wtf:
  2. Can you tell us what it is without sending us the link? :confused1:
  3. Hi,

    make sure you see this second chance offer in your Ebay Inbox..
    Wait until the seller reply to you
    Contact the winning bidder who didn't pay..

    Do you have the link??
    Good luck!!
  4. I do have the link, and I did NOT see this in my ebay box. I have no idea why my post showed twice, so sorry. It is a Panda Vavin pm.... god, I want it sooo bad... Good idea about contacting the original buyer...
  5. Hi, this is a duplicate and the other thread was moved to the eBay Forum since it's more of an eBay topic than an LV topic.
    Please respond to the thread there.
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