OMG! Being offered ebay item,,, concerned

  1. Hi ya'll...

    I just got a second chance offer from an ebay seller who said that her buyer didn't pay. I'm really worried that this could be a scam with someone trying to steal my paypal or credit card account. I've contacted seller through ebay to ask if she really did email me. I can't believe the buyer didn't buy this item. I love it so much and want it and would buy it in a second, but I'm afraid to show the link on the purseforum, cause I want it to be true...

    I don't know. I guess that's why we're all here for each other, cause the online stuff is just really difficult and scary...

  2. I think you should close one of this thread..
  3. The thread was moved here. I was trying to figure out how to close, and couldn't get it. Don't know if it needs to be Administrator to close a thread. Anyway, I sent this to the 1st buyer:

    Hey, could you tell me if you purchased Panda Vavin PM; I am being contacted by someone saying they are giving me a second chance to buy this item, and I'm afraid it's a scam. It would help me if you let me know if you purchased item or not. Thank you.
  4. Other threads in this forum about ebay being hacked last night. I"m sure this email is a scam now. wow. Freaking scary.... no vavin for me... boohoo
  5. Did you check your EBAY Messages? Whenever I get an email from "Ebay" I check in my EBAY messages to see if it's true.. I also send an email to and they can tell you if it's an email from ebay from the seller..
  6. oh, thanks mssmelanie, I will send the email to the spoof address... thanks a lot, didn't know that.. I'm SURE it's a scam. Ebay was hacked last night... but will send to spoof, tanks again..
  7. Yeah, check to see if its under "ebay messages" because if its there then its legit. However, 2nd chance offers are normal for ebay and are safe. Some sellers have a 24 hour payment policy and if the high bidder doesnt pay, they automatically offer it to the 2nd highest bidder. So it could be legit.
  8. Total Scam.

    Here is link

    Sure did look real. Here is email...[F] Normal [ ] ["][/EMAIL] 09:02 AM 10/17/2006 13 eBay Second Chance Offer sent you this eBay item: Authentic L

    I did respond to email saying I was interested, but of course did not provide any information. Still worried if my computer could be hacked by simply responding to the stupid email. ick. stoopid me.

    *please do not post people's e-mail addresses.
  9. Person just emailed me again. I'm forwarding this email directly to the spoof email... ick. scary.

    Hi there ,
    I issued this offer because the winning bidder was unable to complete the transaction due to some financial problems he had and all the other bidders had the chance to participate at this transaction . Because of your high rated eBay activity you became the lucky winner of my auction and you have the opportunity to buy my item at your bidding price
    To start this buy it now transaction , reply with your name and address, so I can contact eBay to set up this deal.As soon as I'll receive your info, I'll start the official procedure, and eBay will notify you about this.
    In order to proceed with this purchase , I will need the following informations to start the second chance procedure :
    * your complete name
    * your complete address

    I will need your full name and address to proceed with the shipping .
    Looking forward hearing from you
    Best wishes
    Note: The deal will be closed through ebay system !
  10. ^^^Um, I know you are upset, but how many times are you going to post this?...... :shrugs:
  11. sorry.
  12. First let me say you don't need to apologize for the info you put up about the other email. You were only trying to show what was sent between you and a scam ebayer. This is thread you wanted to express what happend and get our opinions on what to do. You actually help others when you show what the scammers email to unknowing ebayers. Thank you....:flowers:

    Sorry to hear about this happening to you too. Always check your ebay Messages Box for these types of emails. If it's legit, the email with you in the messgaes box and to your email., not just your email address.
    Scams like this is the reason I make my $$$ stuff a private auction. When I have a LV bag or Chael bag I'm selling I make it private to protect the bidders/buyer.

    Glad to hear though that you knew better than to send the money. So many people have gotten taken and I'm happy you didn't!
  13. Thank YOU! Yes, I didn't double post the email message.