OMG, Becky! I saw the ombre patent bags in green and RED!

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  1. Ok, I don't know if this has been posted before, so please forgive my excitement. I know pics of the green patent tote have been posted, but today while strolling through Nordstrom ... I saw the bag in two sizes and two colors. The small is the Manchester which has been available on for a bit. The larger size is HUGE, called the Birmingham and retails for $595. The red color is called Sunrise and it's SO pretty! :love:

    Seriously, I was so excited when I saw this bag. And even though the Birmingham is like ridiculously too big, I feel that I must have it and carry my entire life inside of it!!! Had to post and let you all know. Seriously, the green is pretty, but for me the red is just beautiful. Has anyone seen these lovely bags IRL? I haven't been on the boards as much lately, so I can't contain my excitement!!! :yahoo:
  2. OMG!! I hope I can see some later tonight and I'll take pics!!
  3. Who the heck is Becky??? lmao!!! Oh man, surlygirl why didn't you steal some photos with your cell?? Darn, someone please take pics! I wish they came in more than the tote style. I feel like even the smaller one is too big for me. :sad:
  4. :roflmfao: Surlygrl - your title made me smile:

    "OMG Becky! Look at her bag. it's like, so big. I mean, her bag, is just so big.
    I like big bags and I cannot lie...." [​IMG]

    Seriously - I haven't seen this bag. I'm trying to stay away from the temptation. I'd love to see the pics! I'm sure it's a beauty!
  5. yvonne that made me laugh too.:roflmfao:I love the ombre patent but I definitely need a smaller style. I love the color names, sunrise & rainforest its so pretty!
  6. PICSSSSSSS uggggh! ;)
  7. Awesome so I just talked to my Nordies and they said they have both the red and green ombre!!! So I will definitely take pics! and I'll take pics of the blk/natural jaquard kerry too knaz! It'll be a while though since I have to walk there, but I will do it!
  8. I see a trip to Nordstrom in my near future...
  9. oh myyyy..
    i want to see the red one!! i never seen the green IRL too.. so i would like to see BOTH! lol.. i went to nordies by my house today and they have only 1 lamb bag on sale table, multicolor andrea.. i saw 2 ladies on the cashier paying for multicolor kerry.. couple of WL, willburry BE & camel checkerboard and that's about it.. i'll stop by and check out the downtown nordies tomorrow..
  10. So where's the pics already?!!!!!!!!!! :shrugs:
  11. Can't WAIT to see photos of these!

    The wait is KILLING ME!!!
  12. I might need to take a trip to Nordies...
  13. Uuuuggh,, it's way past my bedtime. Hopefully there will be some pictures for me in the morning. I'm going to leave my computer just like this...with a big sign on the F5 that says "Press This" :P
  14. :jammin:still waitinnnnnn..

    night night Knaz..
  15. Ok, here we go!! Sorry for the wait ladies but walking sucks sometimes!! Anyways I got a lot of pics.:tup: Here is the display, on the top we have the manchester, the lower two are the birmingham. Wow these are HUGE! I thought the manchester was big..boy was I wrong..In the 4th pic is the rainforest & the sunrise manchester.
    03-27-08_1857.jpg 03-27-08_1858.jpg 03-27-08_1859.jpg 03-27-08_1919.jpg 03-27-08_1853.jpg