OMG! Bad Chanel Dream!!!

  1. I am planning on going to Vegas in a few months and buying my first Chanel. Well last night I had a horrible dream!!! I had a dream that I went and the botique was so small and that the SA was a complete jerk! She sold me a black wallet that didn't even close and only had one credit card slot in it!!! and it was black!! (i want white!! lol) Then when she gave me the receipt to sign, it costed 600 bucks! And even though I refused to sign she wouldn't let me return it!:crybaby: Thankfully i woke up after that! Now I'm nervous about going!
  2. :roflmfao: That's too funny! I have dreams about bags all the time. We are truly obsessed.
  3. Having a bad dream is a good sign that your reality will be totally opposite. You will have an amazing time in Vegas and find a great Chanel bag that will suit you perfectly :smile:
  4. Thank GOD now I feel normal!! I've had some pretty strange dreams myself when I get a bug my a** over a bag!! Well...we might not be normal, but if we're abnormal at least we're all in this together!!! Sweet Dreams!! :heart: Emmy
  5. that is such a funny dream, lol! i'm sure your experience in vegas will be much better. the SAs at the chanel boutique at the wynn were all friendly when i last went.