OMG.....Aunt's LV collection to die for!!

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  1. OKay, so I'm sitting at my cousins 18th b-day party, and suddenly my aunt who I haven't seen for about 2 years walks in with all of her luggage from the plane...All of it was LV, I was so excited, she had 2 keepalls a pegase, a trunk, a toiletry bag, and a miroir lockit...So anyways we got talking and she was saying how she has been collecting for years, and I was amazed, I newver knew this......Then she said something that showed she was truly obsessed, she said that when her patina gets to dark she stops using the bag and gives it to goodwill and replaces it with another:wtf:

    Anyways I just thought I would share this with everyone, because I was amazed, and I was wondering if any of you guys have had this happen where someone you wouldn't expect to LV walks in with LV, and you are amazed?

    PS. Really want to ask for pics, but think it would be a little awkward her collection must be amazing. Now that I think of it, I think I might have seen her with a leopard steamer in a pic...oh i can't wait to talk to her again!!
  2. Oh cool!
    I would love to see pictures of her collection it sounds amazing!
  3. Wow :nuts: agree with KaiieCHANEL, post us her pic & her fab collections
  4. I really want to, but I feel it would be an awkward email to get from your nephew.....oh could Isee pics of your lv collection maqke sure to take individual and detail shots....I doubt she even has a camera, shes not a tech. person....If I ever go to see her which could be soon I'll wait for her to leave the house, maybe she'll ask to babysit her kids, and i'll make a run for the walk in closet and hit the motherlode!! LOL:yahoo:
  5. ^^ Agree with Kaiie and lvgodiva!!! :nuts:
  6. would also love to see pics
  7. That's exciting! You might develop a closer bond with your aunt now that you have something in common. :smile:
  8. Awkward?? Personally if my nephew emailed me in admiration and asked to see my LV collection, I'd be thrilled!! We don't need a detailed shot, just a pic of her amazing collection!
  9. wow!!! maybe you could tell her to pass on her old LV's to you!!!
  10. agree!
  11. Totally want to see pics, and which goodwill I will shop there for her old LV! LOL!
  12. Wow, awesome collection! Yeah, send me to that Goodwill, LOL.
  13. Great Collection.
  14. :nuts:GOODWILL?!?!?!? Whoa... who would EVER expect to find an authentic LV there?
  15. That's so cool!

    You say you're aunt's not a techie...perhaps you could help bump her into the 21st century with an introduction to the rest of us purse nuts here on tPF!

    She sounds like a great gal! Bring her over here! :tup: