OMG at Lindsay Lohan's Birkin

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  1. Speechless :weird:
  2. Is than an Hermes? If so, not pretty IMO - and I love animal prints! Yuck...
  3. Thats awfull.. i know we have said many a time but tis true money cant buy taste!!
  4. Not a Hermes in my book, but it looks fun.
  5. I dont think it's real birkin.. And I'm being honest, I think the bag looks ugly :sad:
  6. that's not a birkin!!! I am not wrong, it is a ralph lauren
  7. That bag definately attracts attention! Its one of those bags you can only wear with one or two outfits.
  8. I like it. I would definitely wear it.:biggrin:
  9. I don't mind it and agree that it's a RL. :smile:
  10. It is Ralph - It's a bit much for my taste and I too love animal prints!
  11. It's RL Ricky bag! I think on Polo site the bag is US$2400.00 + !!!:nuts: I don't think it's worth it but she prob. got it for free anyways!!!:unsure:
  12. It looks like it is too heavy for her- she is definitely straining trying to carry it.
  13. Yep LV Addict is right. It is not a Birkin or Hermes for that matter it is RL.
  14. The style looks awfully a lot like birkin! I wonder why RL chooses to make a bag like that. It's like a birkin, modified..
  15. that's definitely Ralph Lauren Ricky bag..

    and the price for a regular leather is $3000... It really wants to be in the same stature as a birkin BUT it can't!!!
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