OMG, are these PLASTIC links? WTF?

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  1. Cruising around the Coach website and I came across this slammin' cool bag............but WTF is up with PLASTIC links on the long strap?


    Kristin Exotic tote 14220 $1000.

    For $1000, it better NOT be plastic!
  2. My SA has this bag... I can't remember if the links are plastic or not... I don't think they are, but I'm not 100% sure.. I was drooling over the whole bag itself... the lining is kind of "wow" since its a coral color and doesn't really go w/the bag... but otherwise its smokin hot!
  3. these are my pictures, but not my bag, i helped a friend get it


    it doesn't tell us on the computer but i would say resin
  4. yup
  5. oh thats todie for reminds me of the links o this LV bag..stephen something...i like it
  6. so what if it is plastic? if you are forking over the money for that bag then you are buying it for the style, the look. its a fashion bag which means.... not to be worn everyday! umm Hello, have you seen other designer bags so USE THE SAME PLASTIC rings yet charge way more then coach! i think the bag is hot! and totally worth it!
  7. Whoa, relax. Coach doesn't usually use plastic with the hardware. I won't be "forking over the money" b/c it looks cheap. And no, I'm not familiar with other designers and their plastic-strap-love.
  8. Hmmm, resin...that's interesting. I'm not familiar with it. Have any other bags been made with that material?
  9. I will still buy the bag, but wait for it to the outlet in the coming months.
  10. Is the resin material strong? Is that the same stuff that gymnasts use on their hands (in the powder form, of course)?

    Do you guys like the look of that? I'm just so accustomed to leather or chain-type straps that I was really caught off guard that such an expensive bag had this type of strap.
  11. i think one of the reasons why this bag had that type of material is to set it apart from the rest of the kristin line.

    if it was all metal link, alternating between gunmetal and gold like the totes and zip totes..i don't think it will be as pretty

    could they have used another type of material? probably. but to get that look and to try to "lighten" the load (my speculation here) of the bag overall.. that is the best choice.
  12. Thanks for your info! You are a good source on these bags! ;) I can't tell from the picture, but do you think the lighter resin links have some kind of pattern or design to them, or are they plain ivory? I'm thinking they might look better in person than the pics transfer over the web. What do you think?
  13. no problem!

    it definitely looks better in person imho then the stock photos.