OMG anyone know anything about ipods?? Mines UNRESPONSIVE even when connected 2 Comp

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  1. okay so in april i bought my bf the 8GB 2g ipod nano for anniversary, it always worked fine, no problems, till a couple of months ago it froze...well my 1g nano had frozen before, i usually just leave it alone and it goes back to normal after a day or two. Well that didnt happen with this one so I let the battery drain fully. (and kinda forgot about it for a while)
    So tonight I was pretty motivated, uploaded some recent cds that i had bought. put them on my 4GB 1g nano then thought i would reset BFs. Well itunes doesnt even recognize there is an ipod plugged in. It is less than a year old but my bf threw out the warranty paperwork so idk what to do. You would think they could look up when we registered it right?? idk i havent called cause to talk to a MAC genius its like i forget how much but last time i called it was ridiculas. I tried searching forums but no help. They are all the old ways of resetting which dont even work on my 1g nano anymore.
    i really wanna get bfs nano fixed, i dont care if we lose everything on it i just want it to work.
    i think maybe something beyond repair might have happened but i dont know why....we were using it then right in the middle it froze. there were NO downloaded songs on his ipod either. they were all straight from CD that I uploaded.

    Has anyone else had this problem?? What did you do??

    thanks in advance ladies. i didnt know where to post this. i didnt see a section for electronics.

    thanks again.

    hope someone has some words of wisdom.
  2. Does it have a frown face on the actual iPod? If not then that is good, it means no internal problems with the actual iPod.

    If you go to Apple they have a fabulous website that really has every single troubleshooting page you can imagine for an iPod. You just type in your problem and voila! it tells you what steps to take to test it.

    The first things I would do is to reinstall iTunes on your computer.
    Then I would try it. If it still doesn't see the iPod...then make sure it isn't the USB port on your computer (try plugging something else in to that port). And even try a couple other uSB ports.
    If that all fails...try a different computer!!!

    My little brother had this problem and it turned out to be that the iPod was toast...but he also had the frown face on the iPod.

    Good luck...and as always I recommend
  3. Oh and also...when your IPod freezes...there are 2 little steps you can take to reset it. Every time mine has frozen (which was twice total in the past 4 IPods I've owned) resetting it worked.
  4. that happened to me... google how to hard restart it
  5. if u go to the apple store, u can go to the genius bar, and theyre suuuuper helpful!!
  6. And if it's not fixable they are super generous with replacements.
  7. awww thanks everyone! as far as faces, it doesnt show jsut froze on a song, then eventually used all its battery and died. i dont wanna re-install itunes cause i use it on my ipod too. it doesnt charge, so i cant re-set it. it doesnt do anything. i will try those websites, thanks twiggers! are you on your way to becoming a mac genius?? hahaha. gahhh i hope i can fix it from home. our mac store is like an hour away and its the only one in the state!!! last time i went there to talk to a genius it was like a 2hr wait!

    thanks everyone! ill keep ya posted
  8. LVoeLV, you don't need the receipt to get a new one, they can look up the serial number to get the info on when you bought it. Just call apple, they can tell you if you fall under the warranty period and also what to do. Good luck!
  9. OMG really! nice. I will have to give a call! Thanks tracy! (p.s no sign of mail?? i havent gotten mine yet either)
  10. It will charge if you plug it into a wall socket, even if it is frozen. If you don't have a wall charger, buy one or find someone who does and borrow it. A reset should then fix it. All of my iPods have locked up at one time or another.
  11. no mail today, maybe tomorrow. ;)
  12. i have the bose dock..will that work??