OMG another price increase??

  1. Has anyone else noticed any other price increases?? I just bought the 2008 inserts for my medium size planner and it was 85 bucks plus tax!! is it just me or does that seem EXTREME?? lol, i could have just put in another 100 or 2 and got a new planner!!! I mean and the inserts are soooo plain, i mean i wouldnt mind it if they were snazzy or something...blah i mean i guess i could have gotten inserts from staples or something, but you all know that it's just NOT the same! lol!

    whats going on!
  2. i've noticed. i work at a sunglass store thats owned by their manufacturer and the sunglasses go up at least $30 like ever few months. its crazy. they used to start at like $210 or so. now they go from $240 to $700
  3. ^ wow that's crazy!
  4. Do you think it's because gucci is not making enough sales that they are compensating for it by making such unreasonable price increase.
  5. US dollar has been deflating against Euro.