OMG! Another FAKE!

  1. Alright, ladies. I know you've heard and seen enough of FAKES around!

    Just imagine this, Onatah GM shaped bag with similar handles. But in cotton-like material instead of leather or suede. Worst of all it had multicoloured LV printed/embroided all over it with a black background! Similar to that of the huge bum bag.

    I wished I took a photo but that would be so rude.

    The girl who was carrying it saw me with my Louis. I guess she knows that I have a Louis with me and guess what! She kept looking at me and smiling. There was this permanent grin on her face! OMG! What was she thinking? I pretended not to see her. I was just feel embarressed for her! She looked as thought she was proud of her "Louis". OMG!

    We took the same bus and I was sitting behind her. I was so tempted to take a shot of her bag. OMG! Yuck!:yucky: And she got of the same stop as me! I ran for my life! :yucky: Yuck!
  2. LOL..I haven't seen that breed..
  3. Ewww that is just wrong!
  4. Even if the bag is a hideous fake, what if she honestly thought her bag was real?

    I don't condone fakes, but I just feel like she's being unfairly judged.
  5. I don't mean to judge her. Fair enough that she might not know but I almost died!
  6. gross..
  7. Ekk.
  8. What chya talkin bout Willis... that was a special order!!!:yes::roflmfao::wtf:
  9. OMG! i can't get over it! I hope I won't have nightmares later on.

    I have to admit. I had a "FAKE" before. "FAKE" in brackets cos I've not heard of Louis Vuitton before. I was 16 and I was on my first real job before hitting the books again. I saw this lovely red bag. No "LV" printed on it anywhere. It was a no brand bag. Only a few years later when I don't know where that bag has gone to, I found out about Louis and red Epi Noe! Well, I had a red epi Noe lookalike! Hehehehe....
  10. Yuck!
  11. hahahaha!:roflmfao:
  12. Lol. I love that..reminds me of whenever someone points out Paris' fake pieces, someone always asks if they were "special ordered.":rolleyes:
  13. :sick: