OMG America's Next Top model expecting

  1. What a bizarro couple...!
  2. Yeah that's what she said ?! and him..... gay ? weird couple. But if it's true and they're happy, we're happy for them !
  3. TMZ reports they have been dating for 2 years? I have not seen one pic of them together. don't see them as a great couple, let alone parents.
  4. I totally thought he was gay.
  5. Ummm... congrats to them.
  6. I thought she came out as a lesbian in America's Next Top Model...ah well
  7. Which season was she on? I don't recognize her.
  8. I thought the same as everyone else? Odd. But if it's true then congrats?
  9. I thought she was a lesbian, and I don't know who he is because I don't watch Survivior, but Michelle was a weird one when she was on the show, so there's no telling what's going on there.

  10. OMG! I thought she was gay, also! I just remember she 'came out' to a couple of the other girls, and that she was crying all the time. And remember that weird skin disease she had going on, with all those lesions??? She had to go see the doctor for it on one episode. Hope she doesn't pass that on to the baby!
    And he....Uggghhh! I watched Survivor the season he was on and he was the most agitating person. Very difficult to watch when he was on; completely unlikeable.
    Wow! Maybe two very "wrong"s make a "right" & together they make magical things happen!!!!
  11. Wow, that came out of left field...
  12. Lol, his hair looks like shiny spaghetti.
  13. Ugh I hate that guy
  14. She was on cycle 4.