OMG sells fake LV's

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  1. WTF?!:evil: :wacko: :sick: :amazed:
  2. That's BS! Man!! They're everywhere!!
  3. yep :-/. they let people sell their goods through them, so amazon doesnt have any control over the goods. you have to be careful EVERYWHERE! ahh!
  4. Im leaving 1 star reviews for all of them.:evil:
  5. He he he :P Good one
  6. Wtf
  7. It's Terrible That Amazon Is Allowing That.......There's No Way ~ They Have To Know That's Going On.......When Amazon Was (Basically) The Only One With Birth Of Modern Luxury For Sale, I Still Wouldn't Buy It. It Wasn't Offered From Amazon. It Was An Independent Seller, Who Had Quite A Few ~ At Really High Prices (I Don't Mind The Price Of The Book...It Just All Seemed Kind Of Strange). They Were Probably Fine. But, It's Definitely Worth Waiting For.
  8. crazy!!
  9. :sick: :Push: :evil: :suspiciou
  10. Their policy (amazon's) states :
    Replicas of trademarked items. The sale of unauthorized replicas, or pirated, counterfeit, and knockoff merchandise is not permitted. For instance, replicas of Rolex watches may not be posted at

    WTF? why are these still on their site?
  11. I wrote Amazon, doubt I will hear back. But I also one starred the first 50 that cam up in my search.
  12. OH DEAR - So it's another site that's been gazumped by the fakers...??:amazed: :blink: :huh:
    Amazon can't be expected to keep up with all the auctions being listed - it's impossible, there must be literally hundreds of thousands.

    I don't believe that Amazon are at fault, it's the seller's problem as that's the responsibility a seller accepts when they LIST an item, just as you do with Ebay.
    You KNOW the rules before you list.
    Maybe all the auction sites should stop allowing people to sell designer brands all together?:sad:

    P.s those 'LV Inspired flip flops' are gone....;)