OMG am I the only one that hated GH at the start and now HAVE TO HAVE ONE?

  1. When I first saw the GH I thought absolutely not they are hideous - no way jose.

    OMG now its taking up most waking moment to have one!! Even off shopping tomorrow to look for one as I NEED IT!

    Anyone else had that? How has it finally just hit me - what happened? and more importantly what should I buy????
  2. Yes...I am also in this category!! What are you thinking about getting?
  3. Thank God I am not alone Fiat!!

    Well it's hard as I like the hobo, day and even now the City which I said NEVER to!

    What about you?

    I kinda like it in white as well which is strange as I am not a white bag person!
  4. i wasnt a fan at first either, but they really are beautiful. i like the gh on the day and the part time the best. happy shopping to you!
  5. Still hate them with a vengance...
  6. Roxanne that was me too - something happened to me - still don't know what - I wasn't even looking for one and now it's just with me all the time.

    Just you wait - I bet it happens to you too!

    Thanks Ricky - will keep you posted on how it goes
  7. I got the Part Time in Giant, but as I've said on several other threads, I don't think the PT is doing it for me as far as "showcasing" the GH. I like to wear my bag on my shoulder, and the PT just collapses too much in the middle for my liking. I am going to try the City in GH next ... but really I think the hobo and day are great choices as well!!
  8. Right there with ya! 2 months ago when I bought my Cafe' Day with CH, I saw the same bag with GH at NM's and thought, NEVER!!!! Too blingy, I am this week buying the PT in Cafe' with GH and love it! I want more but I think I'll hold off and maybe do a silver GH in the Fall.
  9. oh cracker your cafe sounds fabby. That would look great with the GH

    So glad I am not alone!
  10. cracker - have you worn your PT w/GH out yet? If so, are you getting lots of double-takes? ;) I thought yours looked GREAT on you ... try as I might, I can't get mine to look as good!!!
  11. SecretShop

    You are not alone! I am on the hunt for GH:yes:

    Hopefully HN will have something for us to :drool: over
  12. Never mind drooling Siri - it better have something for us to buy!!!!
  13. I catch it doing the same thing as yours sometimes, so you're not alone; my city does it too. I think if I carry more in it, it will slouch better. I fiddle with it and then it's fine; it's a little high maintenance like it's owner.;)
  14. The white and aqua are amazing also. The white that I saw was more off white and absolutely stunning with the GH. And Aqua.........well, I couldn't take my eyes off of it!

    What color and style are you thinking of? The leather and color of Sandstone are gorgeous. I think with CH it's a little blah, but I imagine Sandstone with GH would be TDF! Has anyone seen this combo yet?
  15. I still don't love it. It's actually a lot bigger than I thought it was and I can see it tarnishing and then how will it look? But I do want one bag, the Hobo with the GH.
    I missed the silver discussion, are they doing silver Giant in the fall? That would look fabulous on a white bag.