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OMG am I crazy? Seeking reassurance for my first H purchase...


May 28, 2006
Okay, so this is kind of going to be a long rant.. but I'm 20 years old, I've been a member of TPF for almost two years now, and I obviously love bags. I used to hang around the Gucci forum, but the past few weeks I've been lurking around the Hermés side.. all H products are classic, beautiful, amazingly well-constructed, and a black Togo Birkin with GHW has always been my HG (but I'd take rouge or gold as well ;))

Anyway, I'm a third year college student, I work part time during the school year, and I just got a good summer internship at a bank that requires me to dress nicely. I've been shopping around for a good work bag that I could use in all aspects of my life, and I decided on the Bolide. I really agonized over the decision, but I found one that I LOVED on ebay (it's a black box GHW vintage from 1998 but in amazing condition, and from a very reputable seller) and I just won the auction! :cloud9:

I'm so excited because I LOVE the bag... the box is this gorgeous patina and looks so incredibly yummy:love:.. but my BF thinks I'm slightly crazy, my roommates would FLIP if they knew how much I spent, my mom thinks I'm too materialistic, my sister is cheering me on because she loves H and is already ready to borrow my bag, and I think I'm half insane because:
1. I should be studying for my final tomorrow!!!
2. I already want to get the bag embossed, and I want one (or two) twillies to dress up my bag!

So.. if you're still with me after that long convoluted story.. do you think I'm crazy? I'm so incredibly happy with my purchase, but I'm scared about taking good care of the bag, and I'm scared because I've never spent this much $$ on anything! Plus I know that I'm going to be making a lot more H purchases in the near future to accessorize my Bolide :sweatdrop:. But I feel like this is such a classic, versatile bag, so I'd be getting a lot of use out of it.. what is everyone else's opinion? Does anyone else get scared after making big purchases? I guess I just really need reassurance...:crybaby:

Thanks for letting me vent. Seeing everyone's beautiful collections and reading all these threads has really inspired me... I love seeing all of the reveals, and reading about other members' purchases. :nogood:


Cherokee H Princess
Dec 29, 2006
Yes, you're in a crazy Orange haze!! It happens to all of us!! You made an intelligent decision to go with a pre-loved Bolide, which is fiscally responsible AND satisfies your craving for Hermes! You are very intelligent!!

Now go study ...


Butterfly Wrangler
Oct 20, 2006
I think I know the bag you mean, and a black box bolide is a stunning and timeless classic, and not so easy to find. If it is the Myampie bag, you got the deal of a lifetime!!!

Congratulations on a lovely choice.

What you are feeling is quite natural, its a big purchase, by any standards, and a huge jump from what you likely spend on handbags. I am assuming that you have the funds for this purchase.......if not....well, behave yourself from now on, LOL~~~and no twillies for you~~~ Otherwise, full and unencumbered congratulations are in order!!!

As you know, it is something that will stand the test of time, both in style and in condition, and it will be able to be refurbished. If you wear and love the bag, your "cost per use" will go down, and you will find that you reach for this Bolide time and time again, and will surely get your moneys worth, and perhaps pass her down to your daughter as well!

so, just breathe, study, and relax until she gets here....once you open the box, your anxiety will vanish.

Congratulations again!!!


Aug 27, 2006
Yes...I had the exact same feelings when I first got my H bag. I was like, am I crazy to spend that much $$$ on a purse???? Before H, I have NEVER spent more than $2000 on a purse...so it was a HUGE jump! Anyway, that feeling wore off quite fast and now it's a slippery slope!!! Be careful what you wish for...heehee

And like oregonfanlisa said, now GO STUDY!!!


la gitane d'écharpes
Jan 13, 2007
Congratulations on your fine purchase, CL. I understand the expense at your age but, once you receive that bolide, you will pat yourself on the back, for it is indeed "classic and versatile" and you will get so much use and pride in carrying it.

In the meantime, hit the books hard, girl, and may there be lots of Hermes in your future. :tup:

elle tee

Dec 6, 2006
Couture_lovin, sounds like you got a beautiful bag! The only thing I would say is, as long as you're not taking on debt for this purchase, go for it! I am basically your age (21) and have not bought an H bag because I don't like going into debt for bags. Until I have the cash on hand, I'm just going to wait. We are young enough that we will have plenty of time to get fabulous bags, even though the Iwantitnows are hard to resist. If you're not going into debt, then you're good. Enjoy your bag, know that you've bought something timeless that will never be out of style, and go study!!


J'ai deux amours...
May 20, 2006
Congratulations C_L! I think you've made an excellent choice! I let a 'friend' talk me out of buying a Kelly in college and I'm *still* kicking myself for it.

The only post-H drawback I can think of is that your standards change and it's much harder to waste your money on most other bags. :lol:


Apr 6, 2007
As long as you're happy, you did not steal or did not incur massive debts by purchasing the bag, you're perfectly fine.

I had the same reaction from my friends when I bought my first LV. It's only about USD 1000 but, since I come from a third-world country (my income did not; I was paid in another currency), it seemed so wastrel and careless of me to buy a bag that expensive. Later on they got used to it.

Now I am aiming to buy a USD 8000 bag (which can be a down payment for a house), I am so not telling anyone about my purchase. Except this forum, of course. ;)
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May 28, 2006
Thank you everyone! I'm so overwhelmed by all the replies. Everyone has such amazing advice, and don't worry, I'm not incurring any debt. I've saved up a nice nest egg from my jobs, but it's just the initial sticker shock. Yay, I'm so excited, and I can't wait for her to arrive!

plum blossom

Aug 8, 2007
Congrats CL. I am soooo happy that you discovered Hermes at your age. :yahoo: I wasted lots of money in my youth buying silly bags of the moment. All that money could have been better spent at Hermes, where the bags never go out of style.

Your bolide sounds amazing. When you're done with your finals, do show us some pictures. You've made a wise decision. It's a timeless classic that you can and will use for decades. Give yourself a pat on your back. You did well. :tup:


Vache Vixen
Jun 28, 2007
Ok, I would write abit more if I knew you would be reading this after your exam....Anyhow I think you will love your bag and have lots of fun with her...the twillies will make her feel fresh and youthful :o) just like you. Enjoy your bag fully and best of luck with your banking job this summer! Good luck on your exams! Cheers!