OMG - Aloha Rag has just sent out an email about BLUEBERRY landing....

  1. 0o0o000o0o0o .... excitied! :amuse: OMG i think im going to pass out again... i've got the b-bag fever bad!!!
  2. what sizes, do you know? I'd venture to guess that if they got the blueberry city size in, the rouge vif might be in that same shipment!
  3. awe, you're sooooooooo adorable helen, i'm so happy for you :smile:
  4. wooooo hoooooo Blueberry!! How exciting!!
  5. i received the email too its a blueberry city
  6. :yahoo: i'm going in tommorrow to check if they got the city in rouge vif in!
  7. hold on i'll just open up my email again...

    checked email.... and email says that the following styles are in:

    The First bordeaux, First red is $995
    The city White, Black, Blue Roi (Blue berry?)

    BUT i want a WORK!!! hehehehehe!!! 0o00o so close...
  8. You are soo funny! I hope you buy it!
  9. When is the blue grey supposed to come in again guys? I can't find the thread about it...
  10. blue grey in august or september? oh, now i want a rouge. i'm so indecisive i can't stand it!
  11. The rouge vif Firsts are here!!! Ohhh... ohhh.. must resist.. but for how long... ahhhhhhhh...

    White first?
    Blueberry city?
    White first?
    Blueberry city?

    This is so hard. WAHHHH.
  13. Here I'll make it easy for you: GET BOTH!! :graucho:
  14. Oh IRISSY, I WOULD, I really WOULD!
    But if you haven't seen my post in the Diet&Fitness subforum..
    I just found out that my bodyfat% is UBER high and I am getting a personal trainer... and it is coming out of my balenciaga fund. Since I am SET on getting a Blue India city.. I can only get one or the other from the white & blueberry.

    hehe my boyfriend is probably ready to strangle me. I've been discussing the pros and cons of the two for about an hour! :biggrin:
  15. ^^ As beautiful as they are, I could never buy a white bag. It would be filthy almost immediately. Perhaps that statement will help you decide (?).

    I, myself, am in a quandary over Bleu India City or Camel Part-time? Bleu India City or Camel Part-time? .... It's enough to drive one mad!!