OMG..almost scared myself into tears..has this ever happened to you??

  1. hi everyone!!

    here is a real life balenciaga nightmare that JUST happened..

    I was just admiring my new Cafe City bag..AGAIN..
    and I opened the front zipper..closed it..and wanting to open it again and realized that it was STUCK..:wtf:
    omg..I was sooo scared..I almost cried..
    no matter how much I wouldn't give..
    i had my bf try pulling it..but we were all afraid that the tassels couldn't take the strength..
    and I was giving up..I said..okay..I'll just NEVER use the front zipper then..and I gave it one more shot..
    and it opened up..
    PHEW!! scared me to death! :crybaby:

    are all the zippers of Balenciaga this fragile? and easily stuck? :sad:

    any other nightmare-ish horror stories of your bbag?
  2. OKay, don't panic - they will get better as you use them.

    I've noticed on my newer bags, that the zippers are stiffer, but on the older bags I've had (either pre-loved or new) the zippers weren't as stiff... They haven't been sticking on me, but it if rough to get it started - try using the o-ring instead of the tassels, that seems to work out for me!!

    Take that baby out for a spin this week!! :p
  3. Rub some beeswax along the teeth of the zipper. That should take care of the problem.
  4. I have 7 Bbags... never had the problem.. I think designer bags usually have smooth zips.. they tell me you can spot a fake vs a real LV or prada by how smoothly the zips run may want to take it back to the boutique and get it changed?
  5. :wtf:Ack!
    I have never had that happen, knock wood:noggin:

    I hope I don't have nightmares now!!
  6. Shocker!! Glad to hear it works now tho!

    Do you always open your zippers by pulling on the tassels? Wow, I am too scared of the tassels to rip into pieces... I always pull on the o-ring. Am I being too timid?
  7. Yes. Girlscout trick: rub some candle wax on the teeth of hte zippers. Then slide your zipper back and forth. Over time the wax will melt nicely into the teeth and you'll never have another zipper accident again! (In fact, you should do this trick to all your handbags!)

    In the future when stuck, please don't use the tassels to pull. Pull from the zipper itself, otherwise you might just break off your tassel!
  8. Great tip!
  9. Thanks for the tip! I will have to try that myself.
  10. The tassels are pretty strong, goatskin is known for being thin, light-weight and strong.

    I think pulling on the tassels help leverage the zipper open with less force than pulling the o-ring itself.
  11. :yahoo: thx everyone again!!
    I'll definitely try those tips!! :yes: :yes:
    i'm just glad that the zipper wasn't stuck there for good..!! dat would have been bad...really bad...!!:supacool:

    i think what happened was that I closed it to fast..and the inner layer of the interior got caught..that happens to my juicy couture clothes too..damn those zippers :sad:!!