1. What a beautiful color! Very nice.
  2. "OMG again"--LOL!!! me too! I remember we both had this one on our wishlist.... are you taking the plunge??!! I haven't decided yet...but she is one luminous purse! That blue makes me smile!
  3. That is beautiful!
  4. Holy schnikes! That is one electric color! :drool: I wish there were more bags that came with the SILVER hardware.
  5. I need my shades :supacool:
  6. I love anything in bright blue, and this bag is no exception. Did you order it?
  7. So you guys were the ones who beat me to it! :smile: I saw that bag yesterday afternoon, came back online last night to order it - and it was GONE! So I'm hunting around for one now.

    Congrats ladies - hopefully I'll have one soon, as well!
  8. LADIES who preorder this bag, use code toutie30 for 30% off