OMG! A co-worker just dissed my Vert D'eau!!

  1. OMG OMG OMG! I got my Vert'deau city last week and was soooooooooo excited about it! I thought it was like the best color this season and looked like this when I brought her home....:party:
    I took her out today for the first time and she is sitting at my desk at work. A co-worker came in my office and goes "Is that bag new? I don't think I like that color one bit, it's too pastel".

    Ummmmmm what??? I-eh-uhhh-ahh--gggg...I am without words...
  2. She's just jealous....:yes: (It's gorgeous by the way!)
  3. Wow! I'm speechless. Does she collect bags too?
  4. You're fabulous dear - and so is your bag!! Don't listen to this person!
  5. Ignore her. She's either jealous, or she's a plain ole beeyotch. Either way, she's nothing to you!
  6. OH, NO SHE DI-INT!!!!!
    What a $^$^#$#@#. Hold your head and gorgeous bag high as you look down on her walking by.
  7. She is just one of those people who thinks I am a loon for spending that much in the first place on a bag. I was in such a good mood, using my new baby for the first time!
  8. Some people have no class - just ignore her
  9. Ha! Who cares what she says when you have such a gorgeous bag?! The important thing is that YOU love it and so do we he he :love:
  10. Don't let her make you feel bad about your bag! You don't diss her hobbies, do you? She's just rude, and probably jealous.
  11. its the GREEN eye'd monster
  12. Hasn't she heard that you shouldn't say anything at all if she doesn't have something nice to say? That was the most pointless comment.

    There are plenty of times people I know wear/own things I don't find particularly attractive but I wouldn't say anything unless it's a complete disaster that could impact their job/date/etc. or I am prompted.

    I wouldn't get upset about it. You could later dis something she owns out of spite. Or save your comment for when something really sweet happens, like you get a promotion and she doesn't. There is one of these people in every office, and your options are ignore her or give her a taste of her own medicine (IMO).
  13. ^^ ITA, jealousy's the root of ALL EVIL :hysteric:

    p.s. please don't listen to losers like her girl!!! :heart:
  14. that was a really rude thing to say. you know your bag is fabulous and so do we, thats all that matters! keep on :party: about your new beauty!
  15. That was rude of her to say that to you...a negative opinion like that is unwarranted. If she didn't like the color, she could have kept it to herself.

    But on the other hand, maybe the color was "too pastel" for her and said exactly what was on her mind out loud. Sometimes I do this too...I'm a little too honest with my opinions and don't mean to hurt anyone by them...I'd just ignore her. Like others have said, she's probably jealous.