OMG!!! A buy it now for £520!!

  1. They are a joke just as eBay is becoming as well!!

    I wouldn`t buy any bags off here at all unless it was

    somebody I know, eBay is just a joke and a fakers paradise!!!
  2. or feebay, as it's becoming known!!
    I looked last night and every single Mabel was a fake!!
    I'm not an expert but tale tale signs such as dustbags and tags are a giveaway, but everything about these bags scream FAKE!!
  3. I have purchased on eBay and have never had a problem with fakes.

    I just do my homework on what I'm purchasing.
  4. What A Bad Joke!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fugly!!!!!!!!!
  5. makes me so damn angry :cursing:! I ended up with a fake elgin off e-bay before I knew better but the auction I won was for a choco one and they sent me a fake oak elgin so you can't even trust you'll get the bag that's in the damn pictures anyway!!!:hysteric:
  6. We should report them when they are this blatant! I've reported that one, there is a 'report this item' link at the bottom of the page. Gggrrrr they make me so angry, makes finding a good one a needle in a haystack search. :cursing:
  7. I just hate that some sellers really do try and make out like it was an unwanted gift or somesuch nonsense.
    If you were not familiar with the way these things work, you could really be taken for a ride!

    It is so unfair!
  8. But how many times do you report items as fakes and ebay does nothing about it????
  9. Erm,did'nt the Elgin retail at £495?? If so she's a cheeky bugger as well as a fake touter!!! That bag looks as real as a flying pig.
  10. I reported them as well, and the auctions for all their ugly fake Mulberry bags have been stopped. I wonder whether ebay need certain number of complaints to cancel counterfeit auctions? But anyway, well done everyone who reported them. :tup: