OMG, a $23,000 LV charm on eBay. Is it a typo?

  2. thats about right, they all retailed well over $12k and are LONG gone, so they def. want a profit, I remmeber seeing those at 5th ave. a few years ago!
  3. ;) we don't know our luck but I guess this seller is a big collector of LV, she even has complete collection of brand new cherry blossom, wow :nuts: just imagine, who's in the world can effort to keep those pieces for 4 years and never use them :lol:
  4. Is crazy I now regret mistreatin my items... have to keep them in better shape from now on..
  5. Yikes :wtf:
  6. i wonder if anyone will bid on it.
  7. ^^^ I know that's crazy esp. on eBay . WOW.
  8. I find it really irritating and greedy of the seller to ask for more than 2x the original price... however, that's how business goes, right? Supply and demand? (I guess I should have paid more attention in my Economics class... :sweatdrop:)
  9. not me.
  10. Their fine jewelry pieces are so $$$$$$$$
  11. Wow!
  12. Beautiful and soooo rare!
  13. so rare...
  14. I knew that seller was going to be achimnelly as soon as you said the price.
    That seller's listing fees every month must be more than DH & I earn in a year!