OMG _ Decos Green and Gold spy for sale.

  1. I have just had a look at eBay listing and Deco has her lovely super bubbly Gold spy and Green spy for sale, if anyone has been after one of these grab yourself a beautiful bag. I myself am very tempted by the Gold as this is the most super bubbly gold spy I have ever seen.
  2. I know, I saw those this morning too! :nuts:

    I'm such a sucker for the green. :drool:
  3. :drool::drool::drool: Wow these bags are gorgeous!!! I wish I could find the cash for the green!! Good luck Deco!:yes:
  4. Oh no! Deco's selling all her bags! I almost bought one of her Bals some time ago. I wonder if she has a new obsession...:devil:
  5. You know you're obsessed when you look at the eBay pic and know that you've seen those on TPF...I like that green but the blue one is what does it for me :drool:
  6. WoW~ All the bags she has listed are simply to die for!:drool:
  7. thanks everyone for your kind support!:heart:

    Saichyloooooooooooo, resist the temptation! We're on purse bans! :lol:

    kneehighz, no new obsession for me. Just more of the same old ones ;)!
  8. Oh I know Deco, these purse bans are killing me:ban:I have had my bag for November, roll on December......