OMG... 60% off!!! Meet my new Legacy Family *PHOTO*

  1. Santa came early this year! I splurged at bought an '07 Legacy Leather Satchel in Whiskey at the PCE sale (25% off!). I decided to check out the Coach outlet in Castle Rock, CO and they had a WHOLE TABLE & WALL UNIT full of '06 Legacy Leather bags marked down as usual, plus 20% off, plus today's sale of an extra 10% off each item.
    I got a brand new '06 Legacy Leather Satchel in natural for ...$287 (retails for $698) and an '06 Legacy Leather Flap bag in Black for $210 (retails for $498). I'm so lucky... Here's my beautiful new family...:love:

    btw... they have several '06 styles in whiskey, black, natural and white as of noon today!
  2. wow! great haul.
  3. :nuts: Amazing prices, they are all great!
  4. OH. MY. GOD. :shocked: You are so freakin' lucky!!! Great Stuff!!:tup:

    WHY Don't I live close to an outlet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :crybaby:
    I want an '06 black ali.. and I would take a satchel!!

    This means eBay will be full of them for outrageous prices:cursing:
  5. OMG, they are beautiful! Lucky girl!!!
  6. WOW that's a GREAT discount. I wish my outlet had amazing deals like that. Congrats and Merry Christmas!
  7. oh wow!!! will outlets ship to you?!?!?!
  8. They are gorgeous bags and you got a great deal!
  9. O.M.G. FABULOUS HAUL!! I need to get to an outlet tonight....
  10. ^I am grabbing my coat and heading out now!!!
    Tomorrow will be too nuts:wacko::wacko::wacko:
  11. would you please let me know what size of the black Legacy flap bag? What is its model number? thanks :flowers:

  12. Thanks everyone! I've lived by the CO outlet for 8 years but this is the first REAL deal I found on something I really wanted!
  13. OMG what an amazing find!
  14. Wow, the bags look STUNNING - lucky you! GREAT deals! Congrats!

    I'm so jealous...
  15. great haul love the black ali