OMG! 50% everything at w/code: monday

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  1. Thanks! I just used the code for some Frankies!
  2. any expiration date?
  3. cute stuff but nothing I wanted.... thanks though!
  4. wow, thanks! I'd never been to that site and just scooped up 4 things :smile:
  5. Wish they still had hanky panky in stock b/c for 50% off I would have jumped on that :smile:
  6. Thanks so much! I just got some really cute jeans and tops. :yahoo:
  7. When I click on handbags, nothing comes up. Anyone else having this same problem??

    gregsgirl :heart:
  8. ^^ it works for me
  9. wow thanks! I just got 2 pairs of jeans for $117!
  10. Thanks so much! Got the cutest ella moss top and Hudson jeans:yahoo:!
  11. a page of handbags doesnt show up, after you click handbags, you have to then click on the words that say "clutches" "hobos" or "totes" -- its a bit confusing...
  12. Just bought a pair of Earnest Sewn jeans for $34.50. :yahoo: Thanks!:heart:
  13. It's only for today.