OMG! 5 Mulberries in 5 days - this has got to stop!!

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  1. Even I can't see the method in my madness....

    Sunday :- Purchased Burgundy Antony & 2 Belts (3 items)

    Earlier Today :- another 2 items......

    This is DEFINITELY the last (unless I adopt the famous 'one in, one out' policy!!)
  2. Lady F-you have been a busy bee and there was I admiring your restraint after Bicester on Sunday:nuts:
  3. Restraint? I don't think I know the meaning of the word:happydance:
  4. Haha - so come on then? Fess up - what did you get today?

    I think I can guess maybe one of the items!
  5. go on, do tell, what did you buy today?

    one in one out policy definately works for me.
  6. I try to do 'one in, one out' but it doesn't always work!
  7. Mine is more like ... "one in , one in , one in .... "

    God that's sounds disgusting !
    Now what did you get LF ?? Come on tell all ..
  8. Now what can you have bought Lady F?
  9. Please don't keep us in suspense until tomorrow:nuts:
  10. Come on Lady F - you can't hide from us!!!!
  11. Well...........

    An oak zipped purse (really lusted after the printed/congo one but didn't go on sale)

    No money to put in it now, mind you!

    And (sorry Ali), a Choc Somerset Shoulder bag

    Oh - can I add a 6th item.......

    A can of Collonil!!
  12. Mine is more like ... "one in , one in , one in .... "

    I know what you mean Flossie (though sadly, only in relation to Mulberrys, having been married far too long!!)
  13. :biggrin::biggrin: Yeah - knew you couldn't resist! Is it the same as mine? or did they do the Choc with Silver Hardware?
  14. I'm still at that stage too-with my bags:nuts:
  15. Well done on the new Mulberrys-only bags count for guilt IMO:nuts: