OMG! $3k LV left..........

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  1. Hi guys! I've had so much fun reading your ebay stories.... there really are some crazy ebay buyers and sellers out there!!! I'm new here so here's my (long) story.....

    So ever since the Louis Vuitton tobago line came out I have always wanted the shoe bag!! :drool: But it was something like £1000 about ($2k) and at the time I was still in school so there was no chance I could buy one then. So after saving up for months I started watching ebay since they only had the tobago holdalls left in stores and then..... one day one popped up on ebay!!! I had it authenticated and then bought it for $3k from a seller!! WOOOO!! :yahoo:I was so happy, I paid more than the retail price but I didn't care, I wanted this bag so much. I paid the seller for the bag and their excessive postage to make sure they send it first class recorded (signed for) so I would recieve it safely. I work from 9-6 everyday so I knew that I wouldn't be at home to sign for it as my post always came at about 10am when i'm in work. I knew I would have to collect it from the Post Office and bring ID with me. About 2 weeks after buying the bag I was starting to worry... it had not arrived :confused1:. The next day I was walking home from work... I opened the main door to the apartment block (it's a communal area for the 24 apartments in the block) with the intercom and post boxes. Another resident was there checking for his mail.... and on the large table under all of the post boxes was a large brown box :confused1: with my name on it... THIS CANNOT BE MY LV BAG!!!!! I ran up the stairs to my apartment to open the package..... and :wtf:it was my tobago shoe bag. MY LIMITED EDITION TOBAGO SHOE BAG MADE FROM BEAUTIFUL DEER SKIN LEFT FOR ANYONE TO TAKE!!!! No signature required!!!! :cursing: the bag was beautiful, so amazing :love:. Straight away I e-mailed the seller and asked for a refund on postage! No reply so I just left it, I was just so glad to have my bag safe. The thought of my bag left there all day... anyone could have taken it!!:cursing:

    So guys that's my long story, hope it didn't bore you! lol
  2. oh my goshhhhhh, phewf, I would NOT have left it with the seller, I would be fummmming, since I paid for the extra security during shipping... luckily, you are more patient than I am, Im so glad you have the bag, the Tobago bags are indeeedd sooo beautiful :heart:

  3. omg.... i thought you were going to say that you never got the bag!! But i bet i know the feeling you got when you saw a package for you! :yahoo:
    But I would totally try to get refund for postage... maybe not a negative feedback so you dont get one as well hehe. Maybe just a neutral feedback lol
  4. Phew I'm glad the bag was safe! Boo to sellers who don't ship as requested just to save some few dollars :nogood:
  5. I'm glad it ended up working out for you. When I read the title of the thread and started reading my heart skipped a beat and I felt :s because I thought your bag ended up going missing. Enjoy your bag!
  6. Thanks everyone! I went from being so shocked that my bag was just left there for anyone to take... to glad it wasn't taken. Now i'm just enjoying it! :smile:
  7. Yay for a happy ending. I'd really have to rip the seller a new one!! If it's not too late, I'd ask for a refund again and leave her a neutral
  8. Congrats! And thankfully you've the gorgeous bag in hand now! This seller has already made quite a profit on the bag and yet stinged on the postage just to earn a few more dollars?!
  9. Oh my word what a story. I'm really glad you got your bag in the end! Post some pics!
  10. I am so glad you have that beauty safely in your hand now. Whatever feeedback you choose to give this seller, you must mention her penny pinching shipping habits. It was very irresponsible of her to post this bag in such an unsecure way!
  11. The seller is very lucky that bag was not stolen. It is her responsibility to get it to you safely and for that much money I would have made damn sure you had to sign for it. If the bag was stolen she would have had to refund your money. In fact if you were a shady buyer you could claim it never arrived and have the bag and the money. She is really dumb. That said CONGRATS on your new bag! Enjoy it!
  12. I sort of had the same thing happen to me....Last July I bought my Chloe Edith from NAP, and they sent it DHL and I was suppost to sign for it. Well I was not home so the DHL guy had my neighbor (who I don't know) sign for it, and the LEFT IT sitting out on my front porch!! When I came home I FREAKED because my boxed was sitting half way off my porch, and someone had opened part of the box:mad: I was lucky because I don't think who ever opened it knew just how expensive my bag was. I called NAP and was soooo upset, and of course they blamed DHL and DHL blamed them. I just can't believe they let some random joe blow neighbor come and sign for it!! I am glad that your bag is safe and sound at home with you:flowers:
  13. Congrats! I am glad you got it safely, but seller should definitely have used signature on such a high priced item.
  14. I had the same problem with DHL, but it was with BlueFly. I ordered 3 pairs of Christian Louboutin shoes, about $1500, and I had assumed that I would need to sign for it, or pick it up, or SOMETHING. But no. I come home one day to all three pairs shipped in a huge box, on my porch, in the rain. Thank GOD they werent damaged, but I was spitting nails. Stupid "value carriers". Wtf!!
  15. That is terrible! Was the seller a power seller? Maybe they just didn't know better, but geez, they need to think about the next time they ship off a $3K bag!