OMG $3,100 cellphone bill! :(

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  1. You guys, I just got my cellphone bill and it was $3,100 dollars!!:wtf::wtf:
    The bill is just for my phone, it's ridiculous. Im so sad there goes my clothes allowance! I think I should contact Guiness World Records.:lol:
    I have the $200.00 dollar plan and I cant believe I went over it like 15 times!

    I just want to say that it is not a joke at all. I went over by 6,000 minutes, and sent 27,000 text messages.:wtf:
  2. OMG!!! Who have you been talking to and for how long!?!
  3. Omg!!
  4. OMG!!!!:wtf: Im having a heart attack for you right now. Phew, if that were my bill Id be paying for funeral expenses too:lol:
  5. No, come on this is a joke! You just wanted to get our attention.
  6. WOW!!! You need to call them ASAP and find a new plan that is better suited to your needs! THat is ridicuous! Im on the phone alot as well...but I think you may have beat any record I may have had!!!!!!!
  7. WOW! time to change cell phone companies!!! OUCH!
  8. :roflmfao: i just pee'd in me pants!!! :roflmfao:
  9. HAHAHAHHAA :lol
  10. OMG how much do you talk on your phone? Are you sure the phone company didn't make a mistake?
  11. Seriously? How is that even possible? A $200 plan would allow you huge amounts of talking time. I have a $40/month plan that gives me 1500 minutes. How in the world did you manage to rack up $3K? Were you calling internationally?
  12. Are they your charges or could it have been hacked into? I know 3-4 people who had 5000-7000.00 in international charges of fraudulent calls. At least one had direct bill paying from his bank account too.
  13. It has to be a mistake. I find it incredible with todays plans...if your plan is $200 a month you have to have unlimited nights and weekends plus a least 2000 minutes. Even at .30cents minute that is 172 HOURS of talking...during primetime. It doesnt make sense. You need to call them.
  14. Oh ouch!
  15. Did you call 1-900-Hot Yugozlavian Dix two months ago and just never hang up? :lol:
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