OMG!! $289.50 for Canadian Tax

  1. I sent a package to my buyer who lives in Canada. She received package today and reported me that she got charged $289.50(canadian dollar). I declared her package as a gift and put value $150( the actual value is around $500). She is not so happy now:cursing: and I don't know why they charge her so much this time. She now asks my advice or she should reject can I help her now:confused1: . thank you.
  2. I had to pay £114 on a parcel a few months ago, I was told that it was only England that has these customs taxes? I can see why she would like a refund
  3. my sis is from canada and she said the customs there are quite stiff
  4. They are cracking down on gifts. Never lie about it being a gift.

    If it is used, put used on the customs form. I always put the auction paperwork in with the customs forms, in addition to putting one in the box (just page 1 of an auction lisitng print out).

    I believe your buyer can fight customs. She should know where to respond. Just that she is going to have to say it was a gift.
  5. that one's tough - i often get dinged on customs - the best thing to do is to reject the package, and then you might have to send it back to her again, make sure cut any tags? or anything that might tip off a value (ask the buyer if this is okay of course) and i've also heard of people wrapping "gifts" in birthday paper to further prove that it is indeed "a gift" but she might still get dinged in taxes, all the while still having to pay for postage back and forth. sometimes they don't even check though!

    the best option would be to see if she knows some on who lives in the states who you could mail the package to, and she can just pick it up from them. it's really the luck of the draw - but i hear customs is really getting stricter nowadays...
  6. Customs baffle me....I just had an LV Sophie arrive from the states with a value of $200...didnt have to pay a thing! But I ordered some jeans from the states before christmas and had to pay £50 on the same value parcel!
  7. confused... where were you sending the package from? Your listed location under your avatar is Toronto?

    My personal opinion is that when you buy things out of your own country - you have to take customs under consideration. It shouldn't be the seller's problem.

  8. Was there a tag or invoice with the actual price inside the package? It seems like it must be wrong, because I got a package declared at 711$ and paid 107$ I got another package at 600$ and paid 0$ and I just got a package today for 500$ and the charge is 38.70$

    Was the package extremely heavy or oversized? Was it jewelry? Some sort of exotic skin? :confused1:
  9. Wow! I didn't realize the customs fees were so steep! I have sold a couple of things to Canada and the buiyers have requested that I lower the value and mark it as a gift. I just did it as a courtesy and didn't realize it would be a problem. Is there any penalty to doing that? How can they prove its not a gift?

    I asked about Canadian customs at my local post office and they didn't really have a good answer. Their recommendation was to mark the package "NCV" or no commercial value so the buyer wouldn't have to pay anything. Anyone know if that's that right thing to do? Any experience with that?
  10. I totally agree. Sellers can't control customs. I do know that Canada is one of the worst.
  11. Thank you all for sharing your experinces. I think my buyer got very pissed off right now. And this is very first time that my buyer got charged for so much, I really have no clues right now. This package was sent from Minnesota to Toronto. She now is waiting for Canadian Custom gets back to her since she "apeals". I didn't really cut tags off:crybaby: I didn't realize it would be a prob:crybaby: . I will see what happens. Btw, anyone from Canada has an idea how "apeal" works?
  12. Unless they ask you to mark it NCV don't do it, if the package goes missing they won't be able to do anything about it. I'm not really sure how they prove it's not a gift, sometimes sellers put the invoices with the actual value and sales info in the box, and customs opens it. (This happened to me and my boyfriend once in Iceland) They just charged us the duties in Iceland. For awhile I had problems with UPS as they charge customs brokerage fees, but it seems nowadays I always end up paying more with USPS/Canada post...for instance my package today should have been charged about 70 - 80$ in duties/taxes but via ups it was only charged 38.70$ Canadians are also charged an additional excise tax on jewelry.

    Oh, the other thing is if the item is made in America or Mexico you don't pay duties under NAFTA...a trick that will give you a highball estimate is to pick a similarily priced/designated item (leather handbags made in Italy for example) on NAP from the Canadian website and then you can see on the checkout page what the tax/duties would be. :idea:
  13. I don't think this is your prob- I bought stuff from US and had to pay for customs - I know that so I factor it in. I have to say though that only recently this started to happen - until then 'gift' was fine.

    My custom officer here in Germany told me that a lot of people come telling him they have 'friends' all over the world, and whether people think they are dumb and don't know that there is eBay????

    I was required to bring invoices to prove how much I paid, and I asked what happens when you don't have an invoice or anything. they told me that they would estimate what it is worth, and that usually they do not 'under-estimate'. But this one I don't believe as I heard otherwise. I guess it depends whether they know stuff or not. Plus, I have never received an invoice per se, they calculated then and there how much I had to pay.
  14. I paid £126 for a parcel coming from US a month ago, normally if the sender states the value of the content more than $150, the receiver has to pay huge custom charges.:sad:
  15. Did you send it via USPS, or did you use UPS/Fedex?