OMG 2004 Black Pebbled Boobie from Donna

  1. I think it's camel leather too
  2. camel? really? well ya learn something new every day! Is this the same leather as those avaiator bags? thanks Liz!
  3. love this boobie!!! I have one myself! =)
  4. good luck Donna!!
  5. This is my favorite boobie of them all!:love:
  6. OMG!!:wtf: !!

    It ended yesterday ... I meant to bid on this :crybaby: !!!!! Did someone buy it???
  7. CeeJay - the auction is still on and the price :nuts: has been reduced too. Good Luck!:love:
  8. Well ... on one note ... THANK GOD!!! On the other note, I can't get into eBay from work :crybaby: ... so, fingers-crossed that NO ONE snags it before me!!
  9. CeeJay - i hope you are the one who got the Boobie.:sweatdrop:
  10. Hi Nanaz, I am the one who got it this morning! I got this for someone else in my family. I already got the Indigo for myself last week and was looking at this one at the time, but I didnt get it because I already have a black one. Sorry, Ceezay, didnt know that you interested in this one, too:sad:
  11. Congrats in getting it :yahoo: this one is a beauty as i hear from Donna.:yes:
  12. Thanks, Nanaz! BTW, I love your Cafe with GH (and your olive green, too):smile:
  13. Thanks, the Olive Green is been sacrifised for the Cafe;). I hate eBay, it has been so slow.:cursing:
  14. Yep, when I try to list my Lilac First , it didnt get listed until the next day! I lost the whole darn day :nuts: . Then I couldnt revise my listing :nuts: I suppose because I am new there .. oh..I hate them :cursing: