OMG...$1,699 for IPHONE case..

  1. :wtf:
  2. beautiful but useless in the next couple of years if a new iphone comes out :sad:
  3. Well, it's understanable IMO since it's alligator... but then again, does seem quite a lot for a phone case.
  4. What!!!!

  5. that true... hopefully not too soon..:p
  6. Wow that would just be a bit too self indulgent!
  7. Wow, i would never buy that lol
  8. thats like double the retail
  9. woowow.. is it SPECIAL ORDER?:confused1: what was retail price out of curiosity :p? i dun find it online..
  10. Wait guys...this is kind of fishy. Look at how wide it is where the stitching is around the case. My Monogram iPhone case isn't that wide. And i know the Epi and Taiga aren't either. Also, why would someone have it up on eBay when anyone can get it special ordered for less money and a choice of color???
  11. ~It's really a nice looking case but yes, it's a bit much:shocked:~
  12. Someone should ask if the iPhone is included for that price :lol:
  13. that will be GREAT...:tup:
  14. I like it, but wouldn't buy it. Mainly because in a years time the iPhone and this case will be obsolete - so I think it is kind of a waste since it won't get a lot of use in the long term. Also it is so much for just a phone case!