OMG! 1,000 up!

  1. Stevie G is playing and here I am, posting about handbags!?

    First of all, thank you to Megs and Vlad, the creators of this excellent, friendly forum and to the lovely posters here for the fun-filled time I’ve had over the past few months. A year ago, the idea of this eccentric “auntie” chalking up 1,000 posts talking about handbags would be even more improbable than the possibility of Singapore qualifying for the final 32 of the World Cup! :biggrin: I’ve never been interested in handbags until last year – so to have this interest so late in life (25 x 2 years) can, perhaps, be attributed to menopause (or so my elder sister thinks – she lives in daily fear of my ordering bags from the likes of ebags and Zappos. I’ve reassured her that they DO NOT SHIP OVERSEAS).

    Having lurked here for a few weeks in the beginning, I decided to take the plunge and register because (1) I wanted to take a look at the bags in the attachments and (2) I wished to post about this animal rescue site run by two amazing people in England.

    Sarah and Paul (fellow Liverpool FC fan) have rescued many abandoned border collies and working sheepdogs, and among the many wonderful personalities they have rescued, Grandad Brynn is my favourite – I hope to meet him someday soon (GB is old, and yours truly is no spring chicken either). If you go to the section “Rainbow Bridge”, please read the story of GB and Princess Liberty Bassett. Heart-breaking.

    If any of you live in England (especially Warwickshire) and happen to have spare doggie stuff – towels, leads etc – that you do not need, Wiccaweys would be more than happy to take them off your hands. :biggrin: Many thanks.

    Last by most certainly not least - Independent designers rule! The talent that abounds in the United States, Canada and other countries leaves me simply awe-stricken.

    highlights some of the many awesome indie designers out there, as does
    whose motto is: "Shop independent, help animals in need”
    Son of Mustachio $20 – plush toy
    I am 50 and I want one of these! Yes, I’m beyond help!!
    Pearl filigree earrings by lehlehhh $17
    Made with Molecules serotonin necklace $85
    “Serotonin is a modern symbol of happiness” – learn something new every day :biggrin:
    Paper suitcase gift sets
    Chic is the word!
    byjeannie JewelryHorn fishhook necklace $100
    Edge of Urge triangle top $82
    Can’t wear this – wish I could, if I manage to lose 15 kg (and if I were to do so, my sis has a straitjacket ready)
    Cool-looking belts!
    Rosebud Design Studio collected keepsake book
    Smallthingsdesigns Originals – large necklace $80, small necklace etc

    Off now to watch the football ...

  2. Glad that we have had you around for 1,000 posts!!!!!!!! That is a great list of sites- I should check them out and maybe write about them later!!!

    I don't care who wins this game right now, but I would love to see Beckham take his shirt off :graucho:
  3. Congrats on your 1000th post.
  4. Congrats on 1000!
  5. There would be more posts here if everyone wasn't lurking in a certain entertaining thread... ha!
  6. ^ haha, i know which one you mean! ;)

    congrats on your 1000th post!
    crouch and stevie!! what goals yayayayayayayayayayayay
  8. YAY passerby!! I no you have helped me a lot with some of the 1,000 posts!!!!
  9. congratulations!!!!!!!!
  10. Yeah, I've been in that thread all day :shame:

    Congrats Passerby and thanks for posting those links :flowers:
  11. Congrats!
  12. Congrats on your 1000th posts!
  13. Well done on 1000 posts - new bag on it's way yet?:lol:
    P.S i'm not in the Warwickshire area but i have plenty of shredded paper and old towels that i can post to ya...:graucho: ;)
  14. :love: :love: I love your border collie in the picture!!!

    My last, beloved, dog was a border collie who looked just like yours.

    I have visited the site for that shelter and it looks amazing.

    Cheers to 1000 great posts and looking forward to more great advice and posts!!!!!:flowers:
  15. Thanks, ladies, for the kind words.

    Cannot resist posting this:

    Liverpool 2 Trinidad & Tobago 0 :biggrin:

    Gucci_girl_gg, Stevie G was so disciplined he listened to SGE's instructions and didn't rampage forward as he ought to (I shall refrain from commenting on Frank Lampard as he's Jamie R's cousin)

    What a goal, eh - you beauty! :biggrin:

    Chicky, thanks in advance on behalf of Paul & Sarah (love their sense of humour!)

    MandM, I shall not rest until you find that animal-friendly, big, stylish laptop bag! :biggrin: Wiccaweys is truly amazing, if only there were more Pauls and Sarahs in this world.