OMG: '05 TEAL Weekender :-))) BIN $1248

  1. I was just going to post this. It is gorgeous!
  2. this is the same seller who I got my (great) 04 khaki weekender from! She seems to specialize in weekenders....good price!
  3. Ooooh!! I am so watching this and hopefully winning =)
  4. Varsha~ you crack me up~ "she seems to specialize in weekenders!" LOL That was so cute!:tender:
  5. Oh you guys... should I?????
  6. Yeeaahhhhhh . . . go Glimmer .... go go go :yahoo:
  7. Glimmer, go for it! i won a weekender from him too-he's VERY stylish as you can see!!!!
  8. The leather is beautiful...the color is amazing...go Glimmer!
  9. I tell you teal is the best leather and the color is amazing! go for it, i think the price is very good for a weekender:yes:
  10. Go Jim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I'm dying here!!!!!!!! I've been planning to get a Weekender in one of the 07 colors and I've been looking forward to that on the horizon. Do it anyway? GAH!!!
  12. Glimmer, the color and leather of the teal bags are amazing-i have a beautiful teal twiggy! good luck with your decision!
  13. hehe thanks zacorey! :shame: (Maybe I should have gone for the really bad pun and said 'weekenders are her 'bag'' ) LOL Ok, don't throw tomatoes at me :roflmfao:

    Go Glimmer!!