OMG! '05 Dolma City on .....!!

  1. Why do people bid so early? UGH!!!!
  2. yeah, that's so old school eBay, right? hahaha.:roflmfao: i wish everything was BIN!!
  3. LOLOL...I know BIN with best offer...that's the way to play LOL
  4. ^^ me too, i hate to wait :cursing:
  5. :lol::lol: I hear ya!!
  6. Wowzer, look at the smooshy leather on the '05s!

    Good Luck to whoever wins it! It's a gem!
  7. Dolmaaaaaaa! It's so beautiful! It looks perfectly broken in, look at the side pic where even the bottom corners are smooshy.
  8. i LOVE dolma!! I got my first ever twiggy in dolma, and I absolutely love the color, pity that the twiggy style doesn't suit me, so I let her go to another loving home. now every time I see a dolma, I think of my little dolmie....
  9. hmmm... does this twiggy look a little faded? or is it just my monitor?