OMG!!! 04 Turquoise reduced to $850. BIN


Sep 19, 2006
It seems like a great price but it is really hard because of the restoration on the bag. Even if it was just the corners and the handles it will be hard to tell how well they match the body from a photo (unless like glimmer suggested you can get really large up close photos). I also even at this price I would shy away from buying it because I don't seem to hold on to bags very long and one that has been restored is harder to sell.

I was looking at buying a really beat up bubblegum city to restore I didn't get it because I was unwilling to pay a high price for it. I could buy a pink leather bag anywhere for less than a bal. To me if the bag gets redyed it is almost no longer a bal. I just figured that if I was going to have the bag restored that I would have to keep it.

I know in this case only the corners and handles were done so it is not quite the same thing. It is a pretty bag!!


Jan 11, 2006
OK~ this is really not a big deal at all to me personally! If the scuffed corners have been redyed and the handles cleaned then what is the big deal??? Am I the only one that wouldn't care? All Bbags eventually get slightly scuffed corners~ and in this case the tiny corners have been touched up~ even better for me personally. The handles were cleaned~ that would be great for me. I think it's a great price for a rare bag and that's just my opinion.

The bag was probably restored at LMB and don't we all rave about there fabulous work here?


Jul 27, 2006
I agree with you zacorey. I like to use my bags and understand that they will get wear from use. I think if they had the bag spruced up to sell it, it's better. They had to wait for it to be sent out and come back. I would rather that then one with dark handles and such. The seller probably sent it out so it would be in good condition to sell. If I loved this color, I would probably pay for it.


Earth to Bella
Mar 22, 2006
^^^thank you, zacorey. This is a pfers listing.......has anyone interested asked the seller for additional pics? I'm sure she would be willing to snap a few more.

Good luck, julielive! This is an awesome price for this bag.:yes: