OMG: '04 Marigold Weekender :-) from lovely Pfer

  1. Wow, I would love to see this baby!!
  2. This is now the 3rd instance of where I've seen of this ... the Seller puts up the auction without any pictures! What's up with that?!?! Here ... I can't get more than one up because eBay keeps on telling me that I need to link my eBay and Paypal accounts!!!
  3. coooooool i dont think i've ever seen one of these before. (still havent, no pics)
  4. Ooh nice! I can't wait to see the pics of it!
  5. Thank you for posting firstclass :heart: Sorry I listed it last night to take advantage of the eBay 15 cents listing, I couldn't capture the true color of this baby during night time so I will take pictures of it in daylight when I am off from work today ;)
  6. Good luck with your sale burukogepanda. That is one gorgeous bag. :drool:May be i should play the lotto tonight.:graucho:
  7. beautiful bag, buru!:drool: :love:
  8. Thank you ladies, thank you Chauss for pointing out, I think it is not marigold, it is anis instead. Sorry for the misrepresentation laides :sad:
  9. Oh, I have an anis twiggy. It's a great color!
  10. Oh yeah ... NOW we're talking :yes: !!!! Beautiful ... it does look a little more 'yellow' than my Anis Weekender, but then again ... I took this group photo on a day where I was home with the flu and was still learning the Watermark software ... sorry!

    Good luck burukogepanda ... it's GORGEOUS!!! I forgot about the listing 'sale' ... :cursing:
  11. Thank you :shame: OMG so embarrassing that I posted the wrong color, I never seen Anis IRL and from the pictures I have seen so far, this bag has more yellow tone to it... I was only able to tell it is Anis from the color of the string on the handle :shame:
  12. I think anis is hard to photograph. Here's my anis twiggy. I love her so.
  13. Totally agree ... depending on the light, the color can look very different!