OMG: '04 LILAC Weekender - a DREAM !!!

  1. This one didn't sell the first time around...maybe it was meant to be :graucho:
  2. go get it first!
  3. Are ya going for it Firstclass?? What a great addition to your already beautiful collection!
  4. This is such a pretty color, and a good price don't ya think?
  5. The color is so deep it's endless :P Any ideas on why it didn't sell the first time? Goodluck firstclass and jdy too (if you decide to bid that is)!!
  6. Oh . . . no, I think I'm too small for a weekender, I'm only 5'3" !! I know this color - I've the '04 Lilac city .... and I still LOOOOOVE it :yahoo: ! GOOD LUCK everyone :flowers: :love:
  7. It's gorgeous, I'm pretty sure the seller just ended it early the last time around. Glad it's back up!
  8. I love it I love it !!!!!!!!!!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: :wlae:
    I am trying to convince my husband that I need this bag soooooooo badly. We'll see :graucho:
  9. thanks for posting, first! this is a gorgeous bag! myriam, hope you get it! good luck!!!!
  10. Oh Myriamrees- convince him!!!!:yes: I hope you get to have this beauty!!!
  11. This bag is a beauty! Goodluck to whoever is going for it!!
  12. I don't know. Maybe it's just me but it seems a bit worn for my $$$. Despite the fact it's a rare bag, I couldn't live with the worn corners and pen marks :sad:
  13. i agree. price seems a little too high for the current condition of bag....