OMG: '04 EGGPLANT purse - a DREAM !!!

  1. :nuts: WOW WOW WOW that bag looks brand new. What a beauty!!!
  2. I love this color! Is the seller a pfer?
  3. Aww thanx first "I":heart:
  4. It looks so beautiful! :drool: :heart: Good luck Percephonie!
  5. I love the Purse style, but I just cant get into purple for some reason, otherwise I'd be all over it!
  6. I'm not into purple either, but wow, that leather is incredible!

  7. Yes - 'percephonie' is the seller ;) :love:
  8. WOW... The leather is so gorgeous!!!:drool:
  9. Percephonie ... I CANNOT believe it!!!! Are you getting rid of your B-Bags??!?!? You're putting up all your beauties!

    I'm not a huge Purple fan, but this is a BEAUTIFUL bag!!
  10. Thanx and don't worry CeeJay! The only reason I'm selling some of my B-Bags is because I've aquired more:sweatdrop: and can't afford to keep all unfortunately...
  11. Oh, do I know that 'tune' well ... I've just been lazy, but I need to get off my butt and put some up as well ...
  12. OMG! This lady called Jasmine just sent me a message through ebay saying:
    I am an ebay member and also work for Balenciaga. I have noticed that you are selling a fake bag and shall be reporting you to ebay unless you remove the listing,

    What the hell??!:confused1:
  13. What an idiot! She probably...well, I can't even imagine what.:confused1: Anyone can see your Purse is beautiful and completely authentic - maybe she'll message you again saying that she feels bad and will take it off your hands.:nuts:
  14. LOL I dunno if I would want her to though! I did contact her back asking her why exactly she thought it was fake. Let's hope she's decent enough to answer before doing anything rash and reporting the listing to ebay!