OMfG! The Love of My Life Has Arrived: A Man's First LV Mono Bag!!!

  1. Reasons for buying an LV bag...

    - I'm a true LV lover yet I don't have a single large item from LV
    - Timeless design will last for infinity

    Buying Specifications...

    - city bag that fits a laptop (Apple MacBook Pro)
    - medium size travel bag
    - monogram canvas
    - Price US$1400 max

    I have considered...

    - Monogram Neverfull GM
    * Way too feminine in design and I'm afraid the spaghetti thin straps will break loose because of my heavy load.

    - Monogram Speedy 40
    * Didn't buy it because it can become very saggy and the design is too feminine

    - Monogram Keepall 45/50/55 with and without strap
    * Didn't buy it because it is too large for my need, I will of-course buy it at a later date.

    - Damier Broadway Bag
    * Didn't buy it because I am not very fond of the Damier canvas and it doesn't fit my laptop.

    - Monogram Sirius Suitcase
    * Too large for my need.

    - Monogram Messenger bags (bosphore, congo etc.)
    * I already have a Mulberry messenger bag and so I don't find the need to have another one.

    So the ultimate solution to my desire is:

    :heart: ~ Louis Vuitton - Monogram Canvas - Carryall ~ :heart:


    The emblematic shape of the Spring/Summer 2006 men's show, the Carryall is now available in Monogram canvas. Thanks to its thoughtful design and ample volume, this versatile bag is perfect for sports or weekend.

    Finished with rolled cowhide handles a natural cowhide nametag and two outside pockets.

    - Monogram canvas with natural cowhide
    - Shiny golden brass hardware
    - Rolled cowhide handles with securing belt
    - Double zipper closure; may be locked with padlock
    - Textile lining
    - Interior flat pocket
    - Natural cowhide nametag
    - Two lateral outside pockets
    - "Louis Vuitton Paris" signature on end
    - Protective bottom studs
    - 16.1"x 12.2"x 11"

    Price - US$1200 (Thailand Price including brass padlock)
  2. * COMING SOON *

    - Unboxing Photos
    - Snapshots in my local LV boutique
    - Visual Aids

    Stay tuned!

  3. *stays tuned*

  4. hey congrats!!

    waiting for more pics
  5. Congrats on your first large mono piece! Are you going to have the tag heat stamped?
  6. congrats ..great choice ..can you please post a photo of how your MBP looks in there too it a secure fit??? :tup:
  7. The following are secret snapshots from inside my local LV, all taken with a Sony Ericsson W880i phone. Sorry for any blurs!

    1. First sight of the Carryall with my Groom Cles attached


    2. Sexy side view


    3. How does it look on me? I love it!


    4. The Carryall Twin


    5. Tried it again


    6. Up-close... getting personal with the Carryall


    7. Okay, that's it. I'm buying it! Now let's personalize it.


    * Unboxing Photos Up Next.... be patienct! *
  8. *adjusts the reception on the tuner* piccies are red xs :sad:
  9. congrats! I LOVE the carryall!! can't wait to see the pics! (they are red "x")
  10. I've searched for a 2006 Men catalogue from the bottom of my drawer, and guess what I found inside it.

    The Caryall, all by its own glory in a two-page model shot! :heart:



    Now let's unbox the bag, shall we? :graucho:


    1. The Box and An Old Navy Catalogue (they ran out of the new Gold one).


    Continued on next post...
  11. *Uh-Oh* All I see are red X's. :sad:
  12. * I'm not sure why some of you can't view the pics, could moderators help me out here please! :sad: All pics appear fine in the thread from my laptop tho.

    2. Ooohhhhhhhhhhhh AhhhhhhH! Almost there!


    3. OMfG!!!:wtf: This bag screams gorgeousness! :roflmfao:


    4. Groom Cles attached to handle, cute eh? :p


    Continued on next post..
  13. 5. I just love brand new leather!


    6. Even the bottom of this bag looks hot!


    7. LV!! :heart:


    8. Carryall Interior


    P.S. There is no stain, that's just an affect from the flash :smile:

    9. Interior Pocket (no zip)


    10. The Golden Brass Padlock and ZIpper

  14. [​IMG]


    That's it. Thank you for looking!


    * Visual Aids Coming Soon *
  15. congrat for the carryall !!!:p