Omfg My Listing Was Removed With Less Than 2 Hours!

  1. I had my 07 Gucci Abbey tote on eBay for the past 5 days and someone reported it to Trust & Safety with less than two hours to go. Does anyone have the eBay # to call so that I can ream them out????

    WTF????? I had 40 freaking photos of every aspect of this bag including box, dustbag, and RECEIPT.

    The only thing I can think of, is that I reported an NPB last night and she did it for retaliation.

    I don't know why eBay would even take this report seriously considering the obvious AUTHENTICITY of my bag.

    I am LIVID RIGHT NOW. Someone please advise.
  2. I am sorry to tell you Ebay won't do a lot about it. They did it to me a day AFTER my auction closed for an LV Babylone and the buyer had paid too and I had just shipped. Created a HUGE mess and I called everyone but Ebay's president and got no help. Refer to the Ebay restriction thread to see what so many of us are dealing with... this is just one of them.
  3. ugh that is SOOO annoying! I had a Chanel of mine pulled last year with- not kidding- 48 flippin' minutes left! I don't have a # for you but good luck!
  4. I had a Gucci purse pulled a while back, i emailed ebay and told them i had the receipt and everything and that i could prove it was authentic, the next day I had the auction reinstated. It was my first item ever to be pulled- I had it happena gain a few months later and they didnt reinstate it- but its worth a try! And more than one person would need to report you really and for more than one person from a different IP address. It may have been competitors!
  5. When my Babylone was pulled (yes, I had my LV receipt) I asked if it had been reported, I was told no... that now they have ppl who's job it is to sit and peruse auctions closing. So, basically if the restrictions don't nail you while listing, they do have people who sit and peruse auctions closing w/ an hour to three hours left on them "in order to maintain a safe trading environment." Pfft.... BS.... I bet some of these ppl would not know something authentic if it hit them in the face flying out the store door.
  6. I am just so sad about this whole situation. I feel like crying because I've been trying so hard to save money and liquidate my old stuff to buy an Hermes bag, and now it looks like it will take a while longer. Why do they remove it when people just "suspect" it of being fake? I don't get it... there are two other bags just like mine on eBay right now with just ONE very suspicious looking pic, and nothing to back it up. I AM SO MAD.
  7. So sorry... I can def feel your pain having had mine pulled before also.
  8. That's really interesting because I was told by Ebay that they did not accept receipts to prove authenticity because receipts can also be faked. I guess it depends on who you get. I've seen a few threads where other tPF'rs have had luck getting their restrictions removed and auctions reinstated, but it never seems to work for me. It's very frustrating. I should be happy right now that Ebay seems to be leaving me alone for the time being.
  9. I feel you - I had my chanel pulled a few weeks ago and was po'd
    ebay sucks
  10. Yes, I am very discouraged with eBay and some members of tPF right now. Lame.
  11. Sorry this happened to you. I've been through it, and it totally sucks. I understand you being discouraged by Ebay, but why are you discouraged with some tPF members?
  12. Please keep personal issues to PM. -Megs
  13. No, they don't accept receipts.... I even had it authenticated by MyPoupette and CarolDiva.... they wouldn't listen to a thing and I went through customer service, PowerSeller customer service and Trust & Safety.

    As for the other poster... uncalled for and tacky really. If you have a prob on or about forum, needs to be addressed to mods.
  14. This sounds like there may also be a personal issue- this needs to be taken to PM (the personal part).

    Sorry to hear this- hope your auction gets reinstated.
  15. Ok, here is one avenue to maybe be able to relist. Pay to have the purse authenticated by MyPoupette or CarolDiva.... not sure which does this brand, but I do know that one or the other does more than just LV's. The problem w/ the receipt issue is that their are actually sites advertising now that they will sale you bogus receipts... so, that really does not matter. Then after having it in writing from either MyPoupette or Carol, maybe relist then and in your listing either state or show that it has been authenticated AND include any documentation.