OMFG!!! I've Died and Gone to Heaven!!

  1. OK guys, I'm in love. Totally 150% IN LOVE! This bag is definitely worth going to debtor's prison for (or selling off more of my collection!). IT'S FREAKING GORGEOUS!!!!:yahoo:

    And DO take note that the Bluefly security tag is GONE!! I ripped that sucka off as soon as I got her out of the box, checked for boo boos and inhaled the leather. Lucy got some 'splain' to do to Ricky tonight!! :angel:

    LOOKIE, LOOKIE!!! It's like dark, milky chocolate. :nuts:


    2007_1012Image0056.JPG 2007_1012Image0061.JPG 2007_1012Image0066.JPG 2007_1012Image00672.jpg

    Hey JILL! This one has YOUR name all over it!! :devil:
  2. OMG! Its lovely!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is FREAKING gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What are the measurements of that bag..and can you post a modeling pick of it w/ the long strap on the shoulder? Prada that is worth every penny!!! Congrats!!!!!
  4. Oops, missed a "shoulder shot!"
  5. I beat you to the model shot, Emmy! It measures 16'' at widest x 9'' tall at center x 6'' deep, so it's not that big. Really, it's got way more room that I need, but it's not huge at all.

    It's worth more than every penny. Not only did I get the usual Bluefly 20% off price, I had a 10% off code AND because of some goof ups on Bluefly's part recently, they gave me ANOTHER 10% off!! Brand new, on the shelf at almost half price! I stole this baby! :yahoo:

    Selena, nice to see you over here with we Prada maniacs for a change. No, you can't have this one either! :devil:
  6. PP, you look hot ans skinny!!!!! you go girl, gimme dat bag! I love it, I want it! and a deal too awesome
    What a fab bag and u look really great with it!
  8. This bag is incredibly beautiful!!! It looks so delicious, elegant and rich! You rock PP!
  9. WOOHOO, Prada you are amazing with your Bluefly finds!
    Loved your comment about the security tag.
    That bag is beautiful and you look incredible!
  10. I love it! So much so that....

    I've been frantically searching for it on Bluefly, but can't find it. Is it still there?

    You lucky thing you. And I LOVED the "Lucy's got some splaining to do" thing. LOL.
  11. ^^ Nevermind. I just found your link to it in your other thread about it. Now it is "no longer available."

    My thinking (admittedly flawed) is that I just saved myself 1700.00 or so, and therefore I am DUE that for another bag. Right? (No logic-type answers...please? :smile:)
  12. Elaine, it's a beauty. It looks very similar to the one that I tried to track down. Natasha never did come through for me either. :sad:

    I thought you were going to behave after the Bolide???:graucho:

    Congrats on a great bag!

  13. What, me behave? :graucho:

  14. Thanks everyone! I LOVE this bag! :tender:

    After I got the "Choo Choo" bag (black leather, silver hardware with the train tag) back in July, I've been lusting for a bag with the steamship tag in gold hardware but nothing quite struck my interest. I had seen this exact bag in black leather with gold hardware, but I really didn't want another black bag. When I saw this in BROWN on Bluefly Tuesday morning, I don't think I took two breaths before it was in my cart and checked out.

    DH is NOT happy, but he'll get over it. ;)
  15. Wow - positively gorgeous! What a PERFECT size! And I love, love, love the rich brown!