Omega Watches

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  1. Does anyone own an omega watch? If so what model..and how do you like it? I am thinking of getting a watch for v day..and I really like the constellation.:worried:
  2. Hi Hi clinkenwar, I have a Omega constellation. It's very nice. The best watch I have so far. Very beautiful. I would say, go for it!!
    omega rose gold.jpg
  3. My BF likes the seamaster and I have decided to get it as my present to him when we get married.
  4. My stepmom has the mini constellation. She got it for Christmas from my dad. It's beautiful! They are supposed to be very good watches.
  5. love your Constellation. :love:
  6. I have one, I don't know what it is though, it was a gift and I don't really wear watches.
  7. i have the constellation (for formal dressing) and the speedmaster with white leather strap (casual everyday wear). till this day, i still love both watches, i think that the prices of omega has always been going up like the rest of the swiss watches.
  8. I have the constellation my choice, and I wear it every day...I love it, my favorite watch yet!
  9. i have a Constellation also. i wear it almost everyday. i love it.
  10. I also have the Constellation My Choice.
    It functions great for every day or dressup. DH got his dad the Seamaster a few years ago and he loves it as well.
  11. I like the speedmaster :smile:
  12. yes, Speedmaster is such a beautiful watch in my opinon. here are my Omega watches which i use on a regular basis.
    DSC03949.JPG DSC03950.JPG

  13. I love the white one!! It's so beautiful! :love:
  14. Yes, I have on too. It's a medium sized, thin YG metal band, with a a very thin round-cornered square white face. I'll check the box to see the name, as it was a gift as well.
  15. My dad has a seamaster for about 6 years. It holds crappy time!. He needs to get it tunned (costs $300). He is always ajusting it,and the time sometimes is 10-15 min behind. I always make fun of him about it. I love the design though,it fits him well for his size,and hieght (he is 6'5). He wants to get a TAG next.