Omega de ville co-axial

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Keep or swap?

Poll closed May 12, 2019.
  1. Keep 1st

  2. Exchange for 2nd

  3. Exchange for 3rd

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  1. What do you think?
    With little diamonds, size 32.7mm, gray and blue face
    Again with diamonds, size 32.7mm, silver and gold plated face
    Black face, 32.7mm
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  2. I like the third option you posted, but I may be biased because I have the white version of the third option and absolutely love it. I’ve had it for almost 4 years and have no issues with it. It’s so simple and classic. I’ve been tempted to get the black version that you posted the picture of.
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  3. I like the first one. The round date window is very Omega. The diamonds are for you.
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  4. I think you should keep the gray and blue face watch. It's something different from the usual stuff, but it will still work with just about anything in your wardrobe since both dark blue and gray are very neutral.
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  5. Thank you all for your help!
    Im keeping my first choice. :smile:
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  6. Grey dial with blue markers gets my vote.
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