Omega 3 supplements?

  1. I'm curious if anyone here takes Omega 3 supplements, and if they have noticed any effects. I heard that taking them can improve your skin and help acne, which I badly need because my hormones are going haywire and giving me cysts. Thanks!
  2. Here is an article on Omega-3's which recommends good supplement brands to take -

    You can also find Omega-3's in fish such as salmon. I eat salmon a couple of times a week. It's very tasty, packed with protein and is an excellent source of Omega-3's. Just food for thought ;) since the best source is from natural foods. But supplements can be the next best thing :yes:
  3. Yes I take them and have noticed a difference. My hair is shinier, and my skin tends to have that "glow" to it. I take flaxseed oil caplets which contain a good deal of Omega 3. I also read somewhere that flaxseed oil can help prevent cancer!
  4. Omega 6 tends to better to help balance hormones but Flaxseed (linseed) oil as mentioned above is a good source of both 3 & 6
  5. I take one every night before bed and haven't noticed anything.
    I take it anyhow, I also take a flax seed when I remember.
    I take the fish oil at night. . . because beware of fish burps:sick:
    NOT kidding.
  6. ah ah nice for your husband lol !
    Me too I had this little problem so I stopped taking them and went on eating salmon, which I love, twice a week.
  7. if you take it at bedtime. . . you won't notice it ;)
  8. My friend the doctor said if you take it w/ a tums you won't have that fish flatulence.