Ombre -- strictly seasonal or for the times?

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  1. One of the greatest attractions of BV is how timeless a lot of their pieces are. I always feel comfortably chic in wearing my veneta or woven cocker.
    I think the current ombre pieces are so pretty, but is ombre a "fad" thing? Like, if I carry an ombre a year or two from now, will it seem very "fall 2007"?
    I really hate to use things that can be easily identified as belonging to a certain season.
    What do you guys think?
  2. I'm inclined to feel it's more seasonal. Like Prada is also doing it this season. Done well it's beautiful, the effect stunning. Well, most trends are re-cyclable these days anyway. And you'd see certain "fads" come back several seasons/years later.

    I'd say if it really sings to you, go for it! Do not let others affect you.
  3. I have an ombre wallet that is a couple of years old. It's beautiful - shades of mauve, pink and lavender. I think they bring the ombre back during different seasons in different colors. If you like it, I wouldn't worry about an item being seasonal. To me, seasonal is like limited edition.
  4. Oh kiss_p that wallet sounds lovely!

    chiaoapple I have the exact mixed feelings about ombre as you stated. Lovely pieces but concern over feeling dated is in stark contrast with the why I'm attracted to BV - its timeless appeal. For me, I'm going to avoid that 'risk' - although a small piece like a wallet sounds divine! But if an ombre piece speaks to you louder than you concerns, you should indulge!
  5. chiaoapple, that`s the exact same thing I asked myself a cpl of days ago after browsing through the local Prada boutique. Thing is, you should definitely go for what your heart is set on but I`m still afraid, that me as a guy, I can do way more what I want to than you girls that are always on the radar and (sadly so!) are being judged by how new or classic the things you carry around are!

    But please do have the courage to wear whatever you like, brand-new or not!