Ombre Leather?

  1. I absolutely loved the ombre leather that Prada had, I believe it was last season, and I noticed that several companies had started copying this tecnique, at least in the shoes. However, I am a bit low in funds, and although I would absolutely love the Prada bag or shoes, I really cannot afford them. Does anybody know where I can find some cheaper alternatives, in either purses or shoes, with the ombre leather on them? :smile:
  2. Sorry for the question, but what is Ombre leather?
  3. I really like that look, too. Honestly, it's the only Prada look I've ever found appealing (sorry Prada people - I do like Miu Miu, anyway).
    I'd be interested in seeing if somebody else does it, but I know the quality won't be as good. : /
  4. I totally agree. I'm not a Prada person either, but you just can't deny how freakin' gorgeous those bags & shoes look!
  5. I found one on Topshop in black and red, but it's not even leather. And I would really like it to be leather at least or be able to touch and feel it before I buy it. The one on Topshop was about $50 after conversion rates, but shipping is SUPER expensive. I feel like I can't justify spending about $80 on a non-leather bag that I'm not too sure of. But I just wish somebody had seen bags or shoes like this!
  6. ITA, ombre bags (and clothes, for that matter) are unusual and beautiful, if done well. I hadn't seen the patent before....lovely! But from what I understand, this technique of dying the material is hard to do right (and labor intensive?) so that may explain why there aren't many inexpensive options...?
  7. OMG, that is beautiful!! I have never heard of ombre leather until now either. Out of curiousity, how much do the Prada bags in the ombre go for?
  8. They're quite pricey, I believe most of them are in the $2000 range, but there might be some that are a bit less expensive. Most of them are sold out on the internet though, so I'm not completely sure. I think they had a pair of Prada ombre heels on Bluefly for $400, down from $500.
  9. The bag that fades from beige in the third link is gorgeous!
  10. If you want to stick with the real deal, there are a bunch of Pradas on sale at bluefly. Check it out. I almost got an ombre, they're so hard to resist!
  11. They do have quite a few there! I wish I had $1000 or more to buy one! :smile: They are certainly hard to resist!
  12. The ombre ones I saw months ago were a bit less expensive than the gauffre collection (about $1400-$2000). I really liked the bowler one and passed on it because I bought a Spy instead (kind of regretting that...). I haven't seen another less expensive kind that I would buy. The only one I liked was a BV one that is way more expensive. What is your price range?
  13. Express stores carry a faux patent leather dip dye satchel and tote.
  14. really? I'll have to check out Express! That would be wonderful!