Ombre Large Tote

  1. Hello ladies and gents, this is my first post/thread in the BV forum, so how do you do!!

    A certain LV bag brought me to tPF and I’ve been having such fun time here, but I did not know anything about Bottega Veneta just a month ago. Then I "happened" to visit the BV forum and found the thread Fall Collection Up at that led me to…


    And I totally fell in love with it!! I asked about it at a BV boutique in NYC and am waiting for the SA to call me back when more info becomes available. There I touched and felt the famous buttery leather for the first time…

    Being a total newbie, I am curious about the following and hoping you experts could help me.

    1) How delicate are the BV pieces? Can I use this ombre tote as an everyday bag? I do take care of my bags but I also do use them as bags and not as super fragile glass items if you see what I mean.

    2) Would this colour come in different sizes / styles? I see that BV makes different bags / accessories in a same colour, but this one seems rather special.

    3) Does anyone know its launch date? The SA said he would call me back but he could be too busy to follow through for a new customer, so I want to make sure that I do my part.

    4) Would this bag likely go on sale at the end of the season or be limited and difficult to get? It's probably not easy to say, but since this will be my most expensive bag ever, I would not mind waiting to get a good deal if possible.

    Any info / advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading!!
    BV Ombré Large Tote.jpg
  2. Hi Mid-,

    I totally agree, this graduated leather is beautiful!

    I`m not sure if it`s made of Nappa or Nappa Umbria (the latter being lambskin as well but treated with a certain wax showing the colors slightly darker than the untreated lambskin), but Nappa Umbria is a little sturdier. I just recently got a Nappa Umbria tote and although I don`t plan it to use in thunderstorms etc., I think it`s totally useable as an everyday bag with a little babying.

    I don`t know any details on other models coming in this shaded colors or the launch date, but I`m sure your SA will certainly call you, BV has exceptional customer service!

    And for me, it would simply be too risky to wait out until the sale for next season. It could be long gone by then or not get marked down. BV`s items are always limited in their number and since this looks like a special piece, it might not be in stock till next January!
  3. P.S.: Welcome to the BV forum!
  4. Thanks C_24, for your swift response and warm welcome!!

    Oh no I wouldn't dare to take my precious babies out in thunderstorm either.:sweatdrop: Just wanted to know if I have to super baby it or not. I will read more threads here to learn about BV care.

    It's great to know that BV has great customer service!! The SA said he would get more info in August, so I'll wait. He can probably tell me how limited it is and such.

    Thanks again, I am sooo excited!!
  5. Welcome, Mid-.

    As with any all-leather bag, it will need a little babying. Nothing out of the ordinary, though.

    Like C_24 said, SA at BV are very customer service oriented. Most of them do follow-up. I would think the bag will come in by August.

    If it is something you really love, get it while is still available. BV pieces are pretty limited.
  6. Welcome Mid-:tup:

    Totally agree with the above comments. If you love it and dont get, you may not get another chance!! That has happened to a few members of this forum, and it is heart-breaking.
    BV bags are expensive, but they are fantastic quality, and if taken care of, will last you for many, many years.
    Keep us up to date with your decisions, and good luck!!
  7. Thank you uclaboi and raz96!!

    I will ask the SA to hold one for me, and get it right there if I love it in person.

    Thanks again, can't wait to meet this beauty!!!