Ombre Checkerboard

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Ombre Checkerboard is driving me nuts already

  1. Exchange Wallet for Mandeville

  2. Keep Wallet and wait on Ombre Checkerboard

  3. Return Wallet and get nothing

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  1. I am so confused on only you ladies can help. This is sad..I get something and doubt it everytime..I wish I could just sit there and pause time so I wont look crazy looking at a bag for 60 mins, thinking if I want it or not.
  2. what do you think about the black and white checkerboard? What if you took back the ombre and saved for the black and white? If you really want the ombre,I think I'd get the mandeville with the 30% partially because you would save more on it then the wallet..but I'm not sure how limited the wallet is when you decide to pick one up to match it.
  3. ^^I love the black and white. But I know it will be on sale one day to so thats why I put that one out of my mind. The SA kinda talked me into the wallet and DH to because she sd the wallets are fewer in stock than the bags. But you are right..I dont have a clutch wallet and really want one. I want one that will blend with everything. What wallet do you use?

  4. I have a cheetah clutch wallet, a smoke kensignton clutch wallet, and the shadow zip around so I use the wallet that matches the bag I'm using...otherwise if none of them match that well I use one of two gucci wallets I have. I like to use the lambs though, and I find that the cheetah makes a good match for a lot of them.
  5. I have a silver wallet and a cheetah wallet. I use my silver with the silvers, sometimes cheetah and the shadow(I know I still need a shadow wallet & key pouch!). The cheetah I use with the LS, BE or my cheetahs. I also have a HL black/black wallet that I use sometimes if I think the wallet clashes too much but most of the time I just switch out my purses and don't have time to switch wallets. I'm usually using my silver wallet.
  6. I think if the wallets are low in stock you should keep it and grab up a mandeville later. I'd really want to grab the mandeville up as soon as possible since that seems to be going quicker than the other bags. If you could settle for a different style than I wouldn't worry. It seems that there is alot of ombre checkerboard out there though and I'm sure we could help you find a mandeville when you are ready for one.
  7. thanks tharwas very helpful ladies..what would i do without yall!
  8. Even though I voted for the Mandy (cause wallets are not a big deal to me) since you really want a clutch wallet I'd go ahead and keep it and get the bag later. Ombré Check will probably be racked soon and then you'll be able to get a better deal than Off.
  9. Thats what I said..then I started thinking..I am gonna want a black and white clutch wallet..dont need two checkerboard wallets..I hate this..I have a problem..
  10. Its funny, none of us wanted the ombre check at they are starting to roll in..we see that sale price, and all past decisions go to hell.
  11. ^ lol, I know what you mean about no one liking the checkerboard...but I bought my ombre check exeter back in December so I always liked it! I think the sale prices are definitely enticing people like you said.

    If you want a B&W check wallet, I think that the two serve totally different purposes. My vote is to get both! I would keep the wallet you have and then get the B&W one later down the road once you already have a B&W bag. Then you have wallets that match more of your collection. I have a problem with my accessories not matching my bags!
  12. I'm really starting to consider that checkerboard exeter! I have a real weakness for the exeter and I really thought I could pass this one up but now..I don't know.I like that it's vachetta I didn't realize that before. My husband says if I can find a shirt to match it he would get it for me. Help me find a lamb shirt! quick!:lol: he doesn't like the orange or navy check ones..
  13. I would return the wallet and then get the B&W one when it goes on sale and get the ombre mande right now.
  14. Brick I love the treesje bag that you have on your wishlist!
  15. I liked the Ombre Checkerboard when it first starting popping up in pics of Gwen. The when I saw the Ombre I didn't like it. Then when more of the styles came out it just depended on the day. Monday it was ok, Tuesday it was cute, Wednesday I hated it! Lol. I still don't care for it in most styles, but the Exeter finally won me over. And yeah that price was of course a great incentive as well! I'm glad you guys pointed out it was vachetta cause I think the ombré will make more sense when it starts to patina.

    If I had a choice though I'd rather have an ombré check wallet and bw check mandy than the other way around.