Ombre checkerboard bag????

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  1. Weird how the seller says she used it twice, but the tags are still attached:hrmm:
    Otherwise its a decent price.
  2. ^^It looks like the seller grabbed a random plastic tag and stuck it through the price tag and one of the holes on the bag...the bag looks to be in really good shape. I can't remember what oxfords were going for at Off 5th, definitely not $625. I don't think I would pay more than what the bag is currently listed at since it's been used.
  3. I would first challenge her and ask her about the tags being attached and being used twice, just to clarify. I like to get them to admit things so that I have it in black and white should anything happen. Ebay is all about CYA.
  4. I just paid $422 for a silver Oxford off ebay. I think the seller got it for around $310 but there's not any at the stores around me. In my opinion it was worth it I LOVE it :yahoo: